How to Improve Web Application Security with Single Sign-On

The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate how to achieve web application SSO using Keycloak on top of Alibaba Cloud.

Set up an Identity and Access Management (IAM) System on Alibaba Cloud

This article explains how to set up an IAM system for your application to integrate with on Alibaba Cloud.

Okta Integration with Alibaba Cloud Console

Okta adalah sebuah layanan cloud identity yang bertujuan untuk melakukan aktivitas Single Sign-On. Kita dapat mengintegrasikan console Alibaba Cloud d...

SAML Integration between Windows Active Directory and Alibaba Cloud

This document will show you how to enable single sign-on (SSO) between Alibaba Cloud and Windows Active Directory (AD) through SAML.

Log on to Alibaba Cloud Using Internal Enterprise Accounts with RAM Single Sign-On

Resource Access Management SSO is now available for public use, allowing users to use their organization's account authentication mechanism to log on to Alibaba Cloud.