Traffic Management

Traffic Management with Istio (5): Deploy Custom Gateway and Manage Its Certificates with cert-manager

This article discusses how to use cert-manager to deploy Istio custom ingress gateway and manage certificates.

Traffic Management with Istio (4): DNS Resolution with CoreDNS

This article talks about using Istio CoreDNS to provide DNS resolution for services in a remote cluster.

Traffic Management with Istio (3): Traffic Comparison Analysis based on Istio

In this article, we will show you how to mirror traffic from production with Istio and use Diffy to compare traffic with your test environment.

Traffic Management with Istio (2): Grayscale Release of Applications by Istio Management

This article discusses Istio's ability to support canary release based on flexible rules, allowing for a simple and powerful canary testing and launch.

Traffic Management with Istio (1): Unified Management of TCP Ingress Traffic Routing based on Istio Rules

This article shows an example using a simple and standard Istio rule to route TCP ingress traffic, thus implementing unified management of TCP ingress traffic.