Distributed Transaction

Design and Implementation of Seata-go TCC

This article introduces the design idea, exception handling, and practical use of TCC in Seata-go.

Seata v1.5.1 Solves the Idempotence, Suspension, and Empty Rollback Problems of TCC Mode

This article explains how Alibaba Seata version 1.5.1 solves the idempotence, suspension, and empty rollback problems in TCC mode.

An Interpretation of PolarDB-X Source Codes (10): Life of Transactions

Part 10 of this 10-part series focuses on the codes related to the transaction of the PolarDB-X.

Understand the XA Mode of Distributed Transaction in Six Figures

This article gives a thorough explanation of Seata XA mode.

How Does Seata-AT Ensure Consistency in Distributed Transactions?

This article will analyze the implementation principle of Seata-AT so users can have a deeper understanding of the AT mode.

Distributed Transaction Framework: Seata-Golang Communication Model

This article discusses the current state of the Seata-Golang communication model and its future.

Seata: Simple Extensible Autonomous Transaction Architecture

This article discuss in detail the implementation of the Seata global exclusive write lock.