An Interpretation of the Source Code of OceanBase (11): Analysis of Location Cache Module

This article explains ObTableScan design and code knowledge and introduces the analysis of the location cache module.

An Interpretation of the Source Code of OceanBase (10): Table One and Its Service Addressing

This article explains the creation process of the table one of the system tenant and the service addressing process related to the table one.

An Interpretation of the Source Code of OceanBase (9): "Macro Block Storage Format"

This article discusses everything about macro blocks from top to bottom, including its format, operations, and scenarios.

An Interpretation of the Source Code of OceanBase (8): Submission and Playback of Transaction Logs

This article discusses the submission and playback of transaction logs.

An Interpretation of the Source Code of OceanBase (7): Implementation Principle of Database Index

This article introduces the index build process of OceanBase from the perspective of code introduction and explains the relevant code of index build.

An Interpretation of OceanBase Database Source Code (1): Module Structure

This article introduces the overall architecture and module composition of the OceanBase database code and the functions of each module.

An Interpretation of the Source Code of OceanBase (2): Life of SQL

This article focuses on the main path of an execution process of SQL in OceanBase, including the process of receiving, processing, and feedback to the client.

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