Unlocking the Power of DSLs: Stateless State Machines

After reading "Domain-Specific Languages" by Martin Fowler, Zhang Jianfei explains a new angle to view, understand, and apply DSLs and state machines.

Design Ideas for Improving the Transaction System of Ele.me, Alibaba's Food Delivery Service

In this blog, we will discuss Ele.me's key design elements for improving its transaction system.

50 Efficient Code Samples for Java Programming

This article is a list of 50 efficient Java code samples.

Quickly Learn How You Can Improve Your Java Coding

Learn how Confucianism helped Alibaba engineers understand why improving one's Java coding skills is important.

Three Measures for Test Stability

In this post, a senior Alibaba tech expert shares his best practices and advice on ensuring test stability.

How to Implement Authentication in ReactJS Using JWT

This tutorial describes how you can implement authentication requirements for a web application in ReactJS with JSON Web Token.

Golang Cross Compilation on Alibaba Cloud

This tutorial explores how Golang simplifies cross-platform development and testing, providing some best practices on how to use this service.

See What Alipay's Doing with 3D Imaging

This article looks at what Ant Financial and Alipay are doing with Computer Graphics and 3D Imaging to provide better interactive experiences for customers.

To System Architects: How to Design a System Better

In this blog, you will receive a personal course and guide on how to better design a system from an experienced Alibaba system architect.

How Does Garbage Collection Work in Java?

This blog looks into garbage collection in Java, something rarely discussed in the typical introduction to Java.

Build Your Own Blockchain with JavaScript

This article goes over the basics of blockchain and shows how you can create a blockchain and everything that goes with it using JavaScript.

Quick Start to VSCode Plug-Ins: Code Completion

In this part of this tutorial series, we will look at the LSP protocol used to send notifications to VSCode, specifically using code completion.

Quick Start to VSCode Plug-ins: Write LSP Project from Scratch

In this part of the tutorial series, you will learn how to write a complete LSP project for VSCode from scratch.

Quick Start to VSCode Plug-Ins: LSP protocol initialization parameters

In this part of the tutorial series, you will learn how to build a running LSP system.

Quick Start to VSCode Plug-Ins: Language Server Protocol (LSP)

In this part of the tutorial series, we look at the language server protocol (LSP) can how it can help to solve some of the language extension pain points of VSCode and how you can use it with VSCode.

Quick Start to VSCode Plug-Ins: Diagnostic Information

In this tutorial, we will take a look at the diagnostic information found in VSCode, and will see how you can create diagnostic information yourself.

Quick Start to VSCode Plug-Ins: Programming Language Extensions

In this part of the tutorial series, we look at programming language extensions involved with VSCode plug-ins and see how the application can assists in writing code.

Quick Start to VSCode Plug-Ins: Running Commands

In this tutorial series, we will look at VSCode plug-ins, use Scaffolding to generate a skeleton, use cursor movement commands, and use a plug-in to run multiple commands.

AspectD: An Effective AOP Solution for Flutter——Open Sourced by Alibaba Xianyu Tech Team

This article introduces AspectD, a Dart-oriented AOP programming framework which help implement AOP for Flutter.

Lower Cost with Higher Stability: How Do We Manage Test Environments at Alibaba?

In this article, we will focus on test environment management and introduce Alibaba's unique self-designed virtualization technology called feature environment.