Fuzzy Query

Support for Encryption, Full-text Search, and Fuzzy Query of Multi-language Strings

This post describes how to perform fuzzy queries or full-text searches on data before it is encrypted and ensure that your database supports encrypted storage.

Performance Optimization of Fuzzy Queries for Chinese Characters Using PostgreSQL trgm

This article describes how trgm, a powerful plugin significantly improves text search performance for fuzzy prefix and suffix queries as well as regexp matching.

Difficult Fuzzy Search: Principles of Unique GIN, GiST, SP-GiST, and RUM Indexes of PostgreSQL

This article describes how PostgreSQL helps to perform fuzzy prefix or suffix query and regexp query by using database indexes, including GIN, GiST, RUM, and other customized indexes.

Using PostgreSQL to Create an Efficient Search Engine

This article goes over how you can use PostgreSQL to create an efficient search engine for full-text searches and other query types including fuzzy and similarity queries.