Streaming Computing

Using Apache Paimon + StarRocks High-speed Batch and Streaming Lakehouse Analysis

The article introduces the development history, main scenarios, technical principles, performance tests, and future plans of the StarRocks + Apache Paimon lakehouse analysis.

Configure Sidecar Parameters to Balance gRPC/HTTP2 Streaming Performance and Resource Usage

This article outlines the parameters that Sidecars employ to control the performance of gRPC streaming and their mechanisms.

Flink ML API: The Algorithmic Interface and Iterative Engine Designed for Real-Time Machine Learning

This article explains Flink ML API, its construction, and its use cases.

Use Flink Hudi to Build a Streaming Data Lake Platform

This article discusses the basics of Apache Hudi, Flink Hudi integration, and use cases.

AlibabaMQ for Apache RocketMQ 5.0: An Integrated Processing Platform for Messages, Events, and Streams

This article recaps the last decade of development on RocketMQ and discusses the release of RocketMQ 5.0.

Flink + Iceberg: How to Construct a Whole-scenario Real-time Data Warehouse

In this article, the author explains building a real-time data warehouse using Apache Flink and Apache Iceberg.

What Is PipelineDB and How Can I Use It?

This article looking at the concepts behind PipelineDB, the scenarios it can be used in, its advantages, and how you can quickly develop, test, and deploy PipelineDB.