Apsara Conference

How AMAP's Improving Positioning Precision

Learn about the technologies that Alibaba's AMAP team, the mobile map and navigation hub of Alibaba, is using to improve positioning precision.

Eight Things You Should Know about Big Data

As a senior technical expert at Alibaba Group, I will share my thoughts on what there is to say about big data, past, present, future.

Yida Plus, Alibaba's Solution for Low-Code Development

At this year's Apsara Conference, Alibaba Cloud launched Yida Plus, a low-code development platform, which helps speed up enterprise-level development workflows.

Alibaba Cloud Announces 3rd Generation of X-Dragon Architecture

Alibaba Cloud has launched the 3rd generation of X-Dragon Architecture, which will increase the performance of servers around the world by five times in key metrics.

Rapid Application Development with Yida

Learn how developing applications and websites just got that much easier with Alibaba's Yida platform.

RPA Version 3.4 Is Out and More AI in Store

At this year's Apsara Conference, Alibaba Cloud launched RPA version 3.1 and announced further exploration of AI research with Alibaba DAMO academy.

Next-Gen Enterprise Security Based on Cloud-Native Technology

The senior director of the Cloud security department at Alibaba Cloud discusses the idea of next-gen enterprise security architecture designs based on cloud-native tech.

Alibaba Reveals Its True Power as an AI Machine

At this Apsara Conference, Alibaba revealed the numbers behind its AI prowess along with a host of new products and solutions in AI.

City Brain Now in 23 Cities in Asia

Alibaba Cloud's ET City Brain is harvesting the intelligence of cloud computing to make city living just that much better.

Some of the Major Topics from Apsara Conference 2019

This article looks at some of the major announcements and topics covered at Alibaba's Apsara Conference this year in Hangzhou.

Alipay Unveils AI-Powered Recycling Bin That Sorts Your Waste for You

At the Apsara Conference, Alipay unveiled a smart, AI-powered recycling bin that can help you sort trash and even reward you for using it.

Thoughts on the Development of Secure Container Technology

Read what technical experts at Alibaba have to say about the development of secure Container Technology in and outside of Alibaba.

One Trillion Calls, One Billion People, and One Billion Images All in a Day

This article looks at some of the topics covered on the second day of Apsara Conference 2019.

All-New High-Performance PolarDB Box, Completely Compatible with Oracle

Alibaba announced all-new database, PolarDB Box, which allows you to deploy cloud databases in your own data centers and migrate traditional databases more easily.

AliGenie Is Now On 200 Million IoT Devices

Alibaba's voice assistant AliGenie is now smarter than ever and can be found in more places - integrated in more than 600 IoT platforms and on 200 million some IoT devices.

New Alibaba AI Chip with 10 Times the Computing Power of Traditional GPUs

At Apsara Conference 2019, Alibaba announces all-new AI chip named Hanguang 800, which boasts 10 times the computing power of traditional GPUs.

Alibaba Launches AliOS Things 3.0 at Apsara Conference 2019

Alibaba Cloud just launched AliOS Things 3.0, which is Alibaba's newest addition to its IoT-focused platform made to empower everything IoT and AIoT related.

Alibaba Cloud Launches Industry-leading Hybrid Cloud Network 2.0 for Smooth Cloud Migration

Alibaba Cloud is a leader in hybrid cloud networking development, having a portfolio of several smart solutions to help more customers migrate the cloud.

MVP #FridayFive: Apsara Conference 2019 Special Edition

Alibaba Cloud MVP Friday Five is a blog column to share interesting and helpful content brought by global Alibaba Cloud MVPs.

Alibaba Cloud MVPs at the Apsara Conference 2019 - Leading, Sharing, and Changing

During the Apsara Conference 2019, 12 Global MVPs gathered in Hangzhou to experience the latest from Alibaba, in hopes of sharing their newfound knowledge to the world.