Real-time Data Processing

Data Lake for Stream Computing: The Evolution of Apache Paimon

Uncover the advancements from Apache Hive to Hudi and Iceberg in stream computing, as our expert navigates the transformative landscape of real-time data lakes.

Apache Flink Has Become the De Facto Standard for Stream Computing

This article is based on a keynote speech given by WANG Feng, initiator of Apache Flink Community China and head of Open-Source Big Data Platform at Alibaba Cloud, at Flink Forward Asia 2023.

Apache Flink Tutorial: Master Real-time Data Processing

Ready to dive into real-time data processing? Learn Apache Flink basics & set up with Alibaba Cloud's Realtime Compute for Apache Flink.

How Can Tens of Millions of Data Records Be Processed Every Second?

In this article, we will look at the system implemented by Alibaba's Xianyu team, which can process tens of millions of data records every second in real time.