Hanguang 800

Announcing Hanguang 800: Alibaba's First AI-Inference Chip

Although new at the chip-making game, Alibaba are showing that there's loads of innovation to be made in AI-centric chip manufacturing and development.

Some of the Major Topics from Apsara Conference 2019

This article looks at some of the major announcements and topics covered at Alibaba's Apsara Conference this year in Hangzhou.

New Alibaba AI Chip with 10 Times the Computing Power of Traditional GPUs

At Apsara Conference 2019, Alibaba announces all-new AI chip named Hanguang 800, which boasts 10 times the computing power of traditional GPUs.

Alibaba Unveils AI Chip to Enhance Cloud Computing Power

At Apsara Conference 2019, Alibaba unveiled Hanguang 800, its first AI inference neural processing unit (NPU) that specializes in the acceleration of machine learning tasks.