Code Explanation of MySQL 8.0.23 Hypergraph Join Optimizer

This article gives a deep code explanation of MySQL 8.0.23 Hypergraph Join Optimizer.

Learning about Distributed Systems – Part 25: Kylin in a New Way

Part 25 of this series introduces Apache Kylin and its concept of “space for time.”

Learning about Distributed Systems – Part 24: Massive Parallel Processing (MPP)

Part 24 of this series introduces massive parallel processing (MPP) and how it relates to the exploration of system extensibility

Use MindOpt to Optimize Diet Plans

This article discusses the most classic diet (Diet) problem in mathematical programming.

Solving Task Assignment Problems (Getting Started with Mindopt)

This article discusses MindOpt APL (MAPL) and how MindOpt Solver supports solving linear programming (LP) problems.

Learning about Distributed Systems - Part 23: Distributed Data Warehouse

Part 23 of this series explains why Offline data warehouses based on Hive and real-time data warehouses based on Kafka + Flink make it easy to distribute data warehouses.

Learning about Distributed Systems - Part 22: Adaptive Optimization

Part 22 of this series discusses whether there is a more flexible method to optimize SQL query performance than CBO.

Learning about Distributed Systems - Part 21: Cost-based Optimization

Part 21 of this series focuses on why there is a CBO and how it is implemented.

Learn Java & Netty Performance Tuning with the HTTP/2 Protocol Case: Tools, Tips, and Methodology

This article will focus on the high-performance secrets behind the Triple protocol, including valuable performance tuning tools, techniques, and code implementations.

Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Advisor: Optimizing Cloud Resources for Business Continuity

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud's Intelligent Advisor, an automated inspection tool designed to help businesses manage and optimize their cloud resources.

About Database Kernel | Learn about PolarDB IMCI Optimization Techniques

This article describes the query pruning technology of PolarDB IMCI.

About Database Kernel | How Does PolarDB HTAP Implement IMCI Query Optimization?

This article uses the join reorder of Polar DB MySQL In-Memory Column Index (IMCI) to describe the query optimization process of PolarDB HTAP.

OpenAnolis White Paper: Scheduler Hot Upgrade SDK in Agile Development Scenarios

This short article discusses the technical scheme, application scenarios, and performance benefits of Scheduler Hot Upgrade SDK.

The Principle of SQL Optimizer

All well-known open-source products (such as MySQL, Spark, and Presto) have optimizers. This article explains the principle of SQL optimizers with an easy-to-understand approach.

Learning about Distributed Systems - Part 20: Rule-Based Optimization (RBO)

Part 20 of this series discusses another important SQL optimization method: rule-based optimization (RBO).

Is Your Redis Slowing Down? – Part 1: Determining Slowdown

Part 1 of this 2-part series discusses the method of determining Redis slowdown.

Is Your Redis Slowing Down? – Part 2: Optimizing and Improving Performance

Part 2 of this 2-part series explains how to improve Redis performance.

Nacos 2.2.2: Optimize Startup Experience and Authentication Tips

This article introduces key features of Nacos v2.2.2.

OpenAnolis White Paper: Using the EROFS Read-Only File System across the Cloud-Edge-End

This short article discusses the background and technical scheme of EROFS.

How to Efficiently Implement SQL LIKE Syntax in Java

This article mainly introduces how mainstream parsers implement the LIKE syntax logic.