Fuzzy Search

PostgreSQL Responds to Fuzzy or Regular Expression-based Searches within Seconds

This article illustrates different optimization methods to accelerate performance under distinct fuzzy search scenarios including prefix, suffix or fully fuzzy search and regex search.

PostgreSQL Fuzzy Searches vs. Regex Matches: A Performance Comparison

This article lays down the performance differences between PostgreSQL fuzzy searches and regex matches, and further suggests ways to ways for SQL Optimization.

PostgreSQL Fuzzy Search Best Practices: Single-word, Double-word, and Multi-word Fuzzy Search Methods

This article describes PostgreSQL best practices to optimize full-text search, fuzzy search, regex matches, and custom fuzzy searches.

Efficiently Implementing Full-table and Full-field Fuzzy Search in Milliseconds with PostgreSQL

This article describes how to perform fuzzy searches for all the fields in a table using pg_trgm. It illustrates the implementation of a full-table and full-field fuzzy search with an example.