Similarity Search

PostgreSQL Similarity Search: Millisecond-level Similarity Search for Addresses, QA, POIs, and Other Text

This post outlines the design and performance of PostgreSQL Similarity Search and describes similarity searches for random texts and arrays to see how PostgreSQL standalone performs.

The smlar Plug-in for Effective Retrieval of Massive Volumes of SimHash Data

This article explains how the PostgreSQL database along with smlar plug-in helps in efficiently retrieving massive volumes of SimHash data on the basis of the hamming distance.

Similarity Algorithms: Effective Similarity Search in PostgreSQL

This post discusses how to calculate the similarity between arrays using algorithms. It focuses on similarity calculation for strings, images, and other types of data in PostgreSQL.

Shopping Guide System Optimization: Application of E-Commerce Content Deduplication and Filtering

This post outlines several ways to filter duplicate e-commerce content and also describes how indexing helps to determine the similarity between documents.

PostgreSQL Similarity Search Distributed Architecture: DBLink Asynchronous Call and Multi-machine Parallelism

This post outlines the design and practices for PostgreSQL similarity search distributed architecture and describes how you can perform a parallel query by using DBLink asynchronous calls.