Confidential Computing

How to Ensure Java Application Security?

This article introduces Teaclave Java and how to ensure Java application security.

When Java Meets Confidential Computing, Another Fantastic Journey Begins!

This article explains confidential computing (including requirements and demos) and how it works with Java and Alibaba Dragonwell.

What Are the Highlights of Realm Confidential Computing Technology?

Let's take a look at Realm, a new feature related to confidential computing in ARMv9, ARMv9 claims to be the biggest change in a decade.

Remote Attestation EAA: The Final Link for Secure Deployment of Confidential Containers

We'll discuss how the Enclave Attestation Architecture (EAA) can help overcome the challenges of secure deployment of confidential containers in cloud environment.

Inclavare Containers: The Future of Cloud-Native Confidential Computing

This article explains the development of Inclavare Containers project and interprets its core ideas and innovative technologies.

"Confidential Computing" for Everyone: Getting Started with Occlum and Its Related Technologies

This article analyzes pain points encountered by SGX application developers and how Occlum lowers the threshold for SGX application development.

A Brief Discussion about Confidential Computing: Inclavare Containers

This short article discusses Inclavare Containers and the core functions of Confidential Computing.

When Kubernetes Encounters Confidential Computing, How Does Alibaba Protect the Data in the Container?

This article describes confidential computing, the architecture of Inclavare Containers, and the development status and planning of Alibaba Cloud ACK-TEE.

Inclavare: Confidential Computing Container Technology for Cloud-Native

This article is a written form of Qian Yue and Guo Chaohong's presentation on "Inclavare Containers: Confidential Computing Container Technology for Cloud-Native" from the 2020 Apsara Conference.