Elastic Desktop Service

Pocket-Sized Cloud Computers Are In

Alibaba Cloud launched its petite Wuying Cloud Computer and the desktop-sized Elastic Desktop Service (EDS) last week.

Alibaba Cloud Launches Cloud Computer in Singapore to Power Secure, Efficient and Flexible Future Workplace

DaaS delivers "office in the cloud" for work from anywhere, any time, and on any device.



遠距協作資料不落地!手把手學會阿里雲 Elastic Desktop Service


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This article explains the five most common uses of cloud desktops.

Alibaba Cloud Launches New Enterprise Solutions for the Next-Gen Workforce

AI-powered meeting assistant and updated cloud computer unveiled at Apsara Conference

What Is Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop is a cross-platform application that can be accessed through a thin client or any other device connected to the network

What Is Elastic Desktop Service

This article describes what Elastic Desktop Service is and its advanced Features and Benefits.