Top 30 Essential Knowledge Points You Need to Know About Elasticsearch

This guide will explore and elucidate 30 essential Elasticsearch features, providing insights into each one's applications and significance.

About Database Kernel | PolarDB Query Optimization: Predicate Pushdown

This article describes the definition of predicate pushdown and why databases should perform predicate pushdown.

About Database Kernel | PolarDB Optimizer Query Transformation: IN-List Transformation

This article focuses on the IN-list transformation of PolarDB, which showcases the query rewriting capabilities of PolarDB.

PostgreSQL Random Query Sampling – Table Sample Method

This article discusses PostgreSQL random query sampling and comparative performance (with examples).

PostgreSQL Recursive Query – Examples of Depth-First and Breadth-First Search

This article shows examples of depth-first and breadth-first searches.

OceanBase Rewriting Series: Group By Equivalent Transformation Method - Grouping Down

Part 4 of this Series focuses on the optimization of Group By to explore the possibility of equivalent changes and describes the query rewriting strategy of grouping down.

OceanBase Rewriting Series: Best Practices for Promoting Subquery Performance

Part 3 of this Series introduces aggregation subquery promotion, a rewrite strategy for aggregation-related subqueries, and the pitfalls of this rewrite strategy.

General Usage of PostgreSQL hll in Retention and UV Statistics

This short article explains retention and UV statistics.

Query Resolution of MySQL 8.0 Optimizer

This article introduces how MySQL 8.0 optimizer turns a simple string into an execution sequence the database executor can return the data to the client.

Query Transformation of MySQL 8.0 Optimizer

This article introduces the complex transformation process of subqueries, partitioned tables, and JOIN operations.

Query Alibaba Cloud Resources with Steampipe

This article introduces Steampipe and explains how it can help reduce the manual steps to execute on Alibaba Cloud’s web console and retrieve details from the command line.