Canary Release

Practice of End-to-end Canary Release by Using Kruise Rollout

This article discusses the concept and practice of end-to-end canary releases, particularly in the context of microservices.

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ACK and MSE Ingress Makes Cluster Ingress Traffic Management Easier

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This article introduces full-process grayscale capability and explains common solutions for full-process grayscale capability on databases with specific examples.

Istio Ecosystem on ASM (2): Integrate Argo Rollouts into Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh for Canary Rollout

Part 2 of this 3-part series discusses ArgoCD, Sidecar mode, and automatic rollback with Prometheus.

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This article defines progressive delivery and explains the purpose of Kruise Rollout.

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Part 22 of this 27-part series describes multiple release strategies, including advantages, disadvantages, and applicable scenarios.

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This article explains how MSE microservice governance works with Laidian Technology to continuously improve the R&D efficiency of microservices.