AI model

Alibaba Cloud Makes More LLMs Available to Support Open-Source Community

Alibaba Cloud has made two large language models and a model that understands audio freely available to support the open-source ecosystem.

Alibaba Cloud Launches Tongyi Qianwen 2.0 and Industry-specific Models to Support Customers Reap Benefits of Generative AI

New AI Model Building Platform and a suite of innovative cloud products were launched to cater for the surging demand among customers and developers.

Watch How Alibaba Cloud’s Tongyi Wanxiang Creates Images

In this article, we will take a look at how Alibaba Cloud’s generative AI model Tongyi Wanxiang creates images.

Alibaba Cloud Unveils New AI Model to Support Enterprises’ Intelligence Transformation

Price-competitive core cloud products with free trial and training to make computing more inclusive for enterprises and developers to thrive in the new AI era.

Alibaba Open Sources Latest Privacy-Preserving Computation Technologies

Comprehensive federated learning platform was launched to facilitate related research.