Stable Diffusion

Alibaba Cloud Generative AI Services 소개 및 Stable Diffusion 배포 가이드

본 블로그를 통해 알리바바 클라우드의 생성형 AI에 대한 개요와 Stable Diffusion 서비스를 배포하는 방법에 대해 알아볼 수 있습니다.

Deploy Stable Diffusion API Service in EAS

This article describes how to use Elastic Algorithm Service (EAS) of Platform for AI (AI) to deploy the Stable Diffusion (SD) API service and how to use SD APIs for model inference.

Deploy a LoRA SD Model by Using Kohya_ss in EAS

This article describes how to deploy the open source Kohya_ss and train a Low-Rank Adaptation (LoRA) model by using the Kohya_ss in the EAS of PAI.

Deploy Stable Diffusion for AI Painting with EAS in a Few Clicks

This article describes how to use an image to deploy the Stable Diffusion model as a web application in EAS, perform model inference with web UI and generate images based on text prompts.

Rapid Deployment of AI Painting with WebUI on PAI-EAS using Alibaba Cloud

In this tutorial, we will explore the rapid deployment of AI painting with stable diffusion WebUI using Alibaba Cloud's PAI-EAS.

How to Provide Production-level Stable Diffusion Services Based on Knative

This article discusses the challenges faced by the AI Generative Content (AIGC) project Stable Diffusion in terms of limited processing capacity and precious GPU resources.

Use Serverless Function Compute to Deploy Stable Diffusion

This article uses Alibaba Cloud Function Compute to deploy Stable Diffusion WebUI, explaining its advantages and showing examples.

Generative AI, Composer  -  the Next Level of Stable Diffusion

This article analyzes the power of the Composer and how it can bring benefits.