Large language models

Alibaba Cloud's Qwen Models Attract over 90,000 Enterprise Adoptions Within its First Year

The MaaS Pioneer Upgrades its AI Development Platform, Unveils Enhanced Propriety LLM Model, and Expands Open-source Offerings to Cater for Soaring Generative AI Demand.

การใช้ AI เพื่อนแชทของคุณเอง - การปรับใช้โมเดล Qwen Chat ด้วย HuggingFace Guide

บทความนี้เจาะลึกเส้นทางการเปลี่ยนแปลงของ Generative AI และ LLM (โมเดลภาษาขนาดใหญ่)

Igniting the AI Revolution - A Journey with Qwen, RAG, and LangChain

This article takes readers on an insightful exploration of the transformative AI Revolution journey, delving into the revolutionary concepts of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and LangChain.


本記事では読者を洞察に満ちたAI革命の変革旅行に案内し、Retrieval-Augmented Generation(RAG)とLangChainの革命的な概念について深掘りします。

自分だけのAIチャットバディをデプロイ - HuggingFaceガイドを使用したQwenチャットモデルデプロイメント


Tutorial: Building an Exciting Journey for Your GenAI Application with Llama 2, AnalyticDB, PAI-EAS

Explore the integration of AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL with large language models on Alibaba Cloud's PAI platform, empowering businesses with efficiency.

Deploy Your Own AI Chat Buddy - The Qwen Chat Model Deployment with Hugging Face Guide

This article delves into the transformative journey of Generative AI and LLM (Large Language Model).

Compute Nest: Enabling Cutting-Edge Generative AI Integration and Knowledge Base Systems in Collaboration with Alibaba Cloud

This article introduces Compute Nest, a comprehensive cloud integration Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution.

Alibaba Cloud Rolls Out Multi-Lingual LLM

Alibaba Cloud rolls out the latest iteration of its Qwen model series, Qwen 1.5.

Smart Talk: Empowering Conversations with LLM Langchain AI Chatbots

LLMs, or Large Language Models, are advanced artificial intelligence models designed to process and generate human-like text by analyzing and learning patterns from vast amounts of textual data.

Alibaba Cloud PAIの高度なLLMとLangChainの機能による生成AIの強化

本記事では、AIの能力をLangchainとLLMと組み合わせたAlibaba Cloud PAIというプラットフォームについて紹介します。

Streamlined Deployment and Integration of Large Language Models with PAI-EAS

This article provides a comprehensive guide on deploying a large language model (LLM) application using the Platform for AI - Elastic Algorithm Service.

Alibaba’s DingTalk Hits 700M Users and Unveils AI Agent to Boost Workspace Productivity

DingTalk had reached 700 million users by the end of 2023, DingTalk president Ye Jun said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Japanese-Language AI Models Based on Tongyi Qianwen (Qwen) Were Launched by rinna

This article introduces rinna’s Nekomata model series continuously trained in the Japanese language based on Alibaba Cloud's Qwen-7B and Qwen-14B models.

Empowering Generative AI with Alibaba Cloud PAI's Advanced LLM and LangChain Features

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud PAI, a platform that combines AI capabilities with Langchain and LLM to revolutionize the field of Generative AI.

Demystify the Practice of Large Language Models: Exploring Distributed Inference

This article uses the Bloom7B1 model as an example to demonstrate the distributed inference method for large language models in ACK.

Large Language Models (LLMs): The Driving Force Behind AI's Language Processing Abilities

This article explores how large language models (LLMs) use deep learning algorithms to create contextual data from user inputs and automate tasks with high efficiency.

Embrace the Transformative Power of Generative AI with Alibaba Cloud

This short article explains how Alibaba Cloud can help businesses unlock the potential of Generative AI.

Alibaba Cloud Launches Open-Source Models that Understand Images

Alibaba Cloud is releasing two open-source large vision language models with image and textual comprehension capabilities.

Demystifying Generative AI: Insights into Technology and Applications

This article introduces Generative AI, discussing its benefits, pitfalls, and disruptive use cases across various industries.