Architecting Serverless Applications with Function Compute

In this article, we will discuss in further detail about developing serverless applications from our serverless functions built using Alibaba Cloud Function Compute.

Scalable Serverless APIs on Alibaba Cloud

In this post we will discuss how Alibaba Cloud Function Compute can be used to migrate your existing monolith APIs to serverless functions.

Locate Online Node.js Memory Leaks

This article explores how to locate, process, and analyze some memory leak issues that can be found in the Node.js development.

New Thoughts on Cloud Native: Why Are Containers Everywhere?

This article is based on a speech given by Yi Li, Director of Alibaba Cloud Container Service, at the Cloud Native Industry Conference sponsored by CAICT.

A Deep Dive into Cloud Native: From Basics to Applications

In this article, we will review the concepts and definition of cloud native in detail, and discuss its potential applications and impacts.

Deploy Spring Boot or Spring Cloud Applications to Alibaba Cloud in Eclipse

This article will show you how to deploy a Spring Boot or Spring Cloud application to Alibaba Cloud in Eclipse.

DevOps: How to Have Less Downtime

In this article, we will explore some of the main strategies to minimize downtime through a DevOps approach.

Dynamically Update Routing Configurations through Alibaba Cloud K8S Ingress Controller

In this article, we will show you how to dynamically update routing configurations through Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes Ingress Controller.

The Evolution of Toutiao's Microservices Architecture

This article showcases the evolution of Toutiao's microservices architecture along with its stages, specifications, present, and the future.

Dubbo Metrics: Exploring the Measurement and Statistics Infrastructure of Dubbo

This article introduces Dubbo Metrics, a metrics library developed by Alibaba for Apache Dubbo and any frameworks or systems.

Seata: Simple Extensible Autonomous Transaction Architecture

This article discuss in detail the implementation of the Seata global exclusive write lock.

Knowledge sharing - Introduction to the Spring Cloud Bus message bus

This article analyzes the role of the Spring Cloud Bus in the Spring Cloud system, and show you how RocketMQ can implement the Spring Cloud Stream standard.

Introduction to the Spring Cloud Stream System

Spring Cloud Stream is a framework for building highly scalable event-driven microservices that simplifies the development of messages in a Spring Cloud application.

Sentinel and Spring Cloud: Building a Better Microservice Ecosystem

Sentinel has joined he Spring Cloud Circuit Breaker club by contributing the spring-cloud-circuitbreaker-sentinel module into Spring Cloud Circuit Breaker.

Solving Data Consistency Problems in a Microservices Architecture

This article uses a commodity purchase case to explain how Fescar can ensure business data consistency under the microservices architecture Dubbo.

Visualizing a Microservices Architecture with AHAS

This blog explores how architectural visualization can help us identify problems that exist in our architecture, and ensure our system is highly available.

Spring Cloud-based Application Configuration Management with Alibaba Cloud ACM

In this article, we'll discuss how Alibaba Cloud's cloud native Application Configuration Management (ACM) tool makes managing Spring Cloud-based applications easy.

Visualized Security – ARMS Real-Time 3D Topology

This article introduces the real-time 3D topology feature of Alibaba Cloud's Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) for convenient service monitoring.

Improving Reliability with Alibaba Cloud Message Service

This article explains how Alibaba Cloud's Message Service can help you build a more reliable application by addressing potential issues on a microservices architecture.

Deploy Microservices with Function Compute: Visitor Card of Cloud Customer Service

This article shows you how you can deploy microservices on Alibaba Cloud with Function Compute by using Cloud Customer Service as an example.