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I am a serial Entrepreneur and tech-savvy innovator. My experience includes Software Development Manager at Microsoft, VP of Wells Fargo, EVP at Persistent systems.I have successfully built two companies that were acquired by HP and Persistent System.

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A Solution to Accelerate Global Application Development on Alibaba Cloud

This article provides a comprehensive look at Global Application Acceleration.

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Alibaba Cloud Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection

This article is a detailed description about sensitive data discovery and protection by Alibaba Cloud.

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Alibaba Cloud Link IoT Edge

This article gives an overview of Alibaba Cloud Link IoT Edge.

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Cloud Enterprise Network: An Efficient Way to Build Distributed Systems Quickly

This article is a complete guide on Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN).

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Get Secure VPC Connections with Other VPCs through Alibaba Cloud Private Link

This article explains how you can connect Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks to other VPCs securely using Alibaba Cloud PrivateLink

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Data Security on Alibaba Cloud

This blog gives a complete understanding of data security on Alibaba Cloud.

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service for Scalable Business Solutions

This article explains Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and its features and components.

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Cloud Resource Usage Monitoring with Cloud Monitor

This blog gives you a complete guidance on Alibaba Cloud's resource monitoring service, Cloud Monitor.

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Striking Cloud Computing Trends Impacting Cloud Adoption

This blog will be the complete guidance on upcoming cloud computing trends and its impact to businesses.

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Blockchain-as-a-Service (Baas), a Platform to Facilitate Business Development

This blog will be the complete guide on what blockchain-as-a-service means and its detail description.

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Integration of DevOps for Software Development & Delivery

This blog will describe about the development and delivery of software with the integration of DevOps.

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Detect Web Vulnerabilities with Cloud Security Scanner

This blog will define how to overcome web vulnerabilities through Cloud Security Scanner.

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

OSS: A High Performance Encrypted, Object Storage Cloud System

This blog defines the issues occurs in traditional storage which overcome with the help of object storage system.

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Handle Large-Scale Data Warehouse with MaxCompute Service

This blog will define how to operate large-scale data warehousing with Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute.

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Data Integration: A Data Synchronization Platform

This blog will describe the data integration for making a scattered data into a single source.

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Machine Learning Platform for AI

This blog will provide information about Machine Learning Platform for AI by the means of MaxCompute and analytical data information.

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Cloud Networking: A Global Cloud Network for Distributed Business System

This blog will define the approaches for networking system and differences between traditional and cloud networking.

PM - C2C_Yuan Posted blog

Solving Server Reliability Problems with Server Load Balancer

This blog will provide information on how and which load balancing algorithms can solve server reliability issues during peak hours.

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