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I am a serial Entrepreneur and tech-savvy innovator. My experience includes Software Development Manager at Microsoft, VP of Wells Fargo, EVP at Persistent systems.I have successfully built two companies that were acquired by HP and Persistent System.

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Empower Your Data Storage Needs in the Digital Era with Alibaba Cloud Tablestore Service

This article describes the key benefits and features of Alibaba Cloud Tablestore, and explains how it can be used to meet business needs.

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This article provides an overview of the Alibaba Cloud Data Management Service (DMS) and its key features.

Unleash the Power of Alibaba Cloud's Elastic GPU Service for AI and High-Performance Computing

This article describes the key features and benefits of Alibaba Cloud's Elastic GPU Service.

Simplify Data Transmits and Optimize Costs with Alibaba Cloud Data Transfer

This article describes the benefits and features of Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Data Transfer (CDT).

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This short article discusses how Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Advisor can ensure businesses’ cloud resources and application architectures are always ali...

Embark on the Future of Cloud Computing with Alibaba CloudBox

This short article explores the attributes, advantages, and scenarios of Alibaba CloudBox.

Innovate and Thrive on Your Business's Journey with Alibaba Cloud AI

This short article discusses how businesses can embrace Alibaba Cloud AI solutions to foster innovation, drive transformation, and maintain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving market.

Accelerate and Secure Your Global Applications with Alibaba Cloud

This short article discusses how businesses can use Alibaba Cloud's Global Application Acceleration Solution to accelerate applications, expand global...

Alibaba Cloud DataV - Your Path to Intuitive Data Visualization

This article discusses the ease of use, versatility, and impact that DataV brings to the world of data visualization.

Solve Complex Business and Social Problems with the Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Brain AI Platform

This article explains how Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Brain empowers organizations to make informed decisions and chart a course toward unprecedented success.

Fast-Track Your Enterprise's Digital Transformation with SAP on Alibaba Cloud

This short article explains why Alibaba Cloud is the ultimate platform to host your SAP workloads.

Create a Secure Cloud Environment with the Alibaba Cloud Security Solution

This short article explains how Click2Cloud enables businesses to embrace the Alibaba Cloud Security solution.

Transform Your Business with Alibaba Cloud's Generative AI

This article discusses Alibaba Cloud's Generative AI solution and how you can transform your business with it.

Drive Eco-Friendly Transformation with Alibaba Cloud's Sustainability Solutions

This short article discusses the importance of Alibaba Cloud's sustainable efforts and products in today's market.

Enhance Your AI Capabilities with Alibaba Cloud's AI Acceleration Solution

This short article offers the highlights of Alibaba Cloud's AI Acceleration solution.

Accelerate Data-Driven Decisions with Alibaba Cloud Quick BI

This short article discusses the benefits of Alibaba Cloud Quick BI.

Drive Innovation and Success in the Digital Age with Alibaba Cloud AI and Data Intelligence

This short article discusses Alibaba Cloud AI and Data Intelligence's cloud-native AI solutions that empower businesses to unlock unprecedented possibilities.

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thank you! very inspiring!!

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Hi am hassan need ur atention

RennyJM Commented on Integration of DevOps for Software Development & Delivery

Thanks for the majestic blog post on DevOps. In the most modern implementations of Agile and DevOps, automation has become a leading enabler of efficiency. So, DevOps automation has become essential as it benefits in the elimination of recurring manual errors while reducing dependency on humans to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of application development, testing, and deployment. DevOps automation can transform the strategies on how the organization develops, tests, and deploys new products and services. Also, it provides a continuous delivery of high-quality application/software.

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