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Fusion of Cloud Computing and AI: A Path Forward for Self-Developed Operating System

This article introduces an interview with experts from Alibaba Cloud on the integration of cloud computing and AI and the development of self-developed operating systems.

Revisiting Distributed Memory in the CXL Era

The article introduces the applications and challenges of the CXL-based DSM (Distributed Shared Memory) paradigm in distributed applications.

Simplifying OS Migration: Alibaba Cloud Linux Supports Cross-Version Upgrades

This article introduces the way to upgrade Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 to Alibaba Cloud Linux 3 using Alibaba Cloud Server Migration Center and its benefits.

SysOM Container Monitoring from the Kernel's Perspective

This article addresses the memory black hole problem in containers and introduces a comprehensive solution to the containerization problems by ACK.

Dragonfly Accelerates Distribution of Large Files with Git LFS

This article introduces Git LFS and how to use Dragonfly to accelerates the distribution of large files with Git LFS.

Ant Group Security Technology’s Nydus and Dragonfly Image Acceleration Practices

This article provides a detailed overview of Ant Security Technology's implementation of image acceleration using the OpenAnolis technology.

Introduction to OpenAnolis and Anolis OS

OpenAnolis, Anolis OS, Operating System, Developers, CentOS, Linux, Open source

New Features of Linux Memory Management - Memory folios

This article will introduce the Memory folios that the basic part of the folio has started to merge into Linux 5.16.

How to Ensure Java Application Security?

This article introduces Teaclave Java and how to ensure Java application security.

OpenAnolis Whitepaper: A Smooth Migration Solution for CentOS

This short article explains how OpenAnolis developed a set of effective migration methodologies to support users migrating operating systems, including CentOS.

OpenAnolis Whitepaper: Using io_uring to Improve Database System Performance

This short article discusses the background, key technology, features, and application scenarios behind io_uring.

Use Coolbpf’s LWCB and Forget Dependence on Clang

This article introduces the Coolbpf project’s new lightweight scripting programming feature: Lightweight Coolbpf (LWCB).

OpenAnolis White Paper: Scheduler Hot Upgrade SDK in Agile Development Scenarios

This short article discusses the technical scheme, application scenarios, and performance benefits of Scheduler Hot Upgrade SDK.

Async-fork: Mitigating Query Latency Spikes Incurred by the Fork-based Snapshot Mechanism

This article focuses on the query tail latency spikes caused by memory key-value pair databases when using fork to take snapshots and solves the problem from the perspective of the operating system.

OpenAnolis White Paper: A Software and Hardware Collaborative Protocol Stack for DPU Scenarios

This short article discusses the background, solution, advantages, and application scenarios of Shared Memory Communication (SMC).

OpenAnolis White Paper: Using the EROFS Read-Only File System across the Cloud-Edge-End

This short article discusses the background and technical scheme of EROFS.

OpenAnolis Co-location Technology Powers the CPU Utilization on Koordinator

This article discusses CPU Co-location and how it improves CPU utilization.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of eBPF

This article introduces Extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) technology and explains its advantages and disadvantages.

SysOM 2.0 Supports One-Stop Operating System Migration

This article discusses upgrades in SysOM version 2.0 and the importance of achieving one-stop migration assessment, migration implementation, and post-migration optimization through tools.

An Analysis of the Exploration and Practice of Python Startup Acceleration

This article summarizes Yichen Yan’s speech on CPython community-related work, its design and implementation, and business-level integration from PyCon China 2022.