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Baifu Travel: A Perfect Combination of Serverless and Microservices

This article introduces Baifu Travel and explains how the company uses Serverless to manage business pain points.

The Timing App and the Practice of Online Education in the Serverless Field

This article introduces the Timing app and explains how the company uses Serverless to manage business pain points.

NetEase Cloud Music: Explore Serverless Solutions for Audio and Video Algorithms

This article explains how NetEase Cloud Music uses Serverless technology to optimize its entire audio and video processing platform.

Yuchuan Technology Explains Why They Use Function Compute

This article introduces Yuchuan Technology and explains why they use Function Compute.

The Serverless Practices of New Oriental

This article is an excerpt from Mo Jingguo's speech about New Oriental during the Apsara Conference 2022.

Lagou Uses Function Compute to Build an Online Programming System

This article explains how Lagou leverages Function Compute.

Understanding SAE Log Collection Solutions

This article focuses on the various log collection solutions provided by Serverless Application Engine (SAE) as well as related architectures and scenarios.

Six Application Scenarios of Serverless Architecture

This article briefly explains the importance of Serverless architecture and discusses six application scenarios with examples.

A Practical Guide | Application Development in Serverless Architecture

This article describes many challenges and scenarios regarding Serverless architecture.

App Deploy as Code! SAE and Terraform Combine to Implement IaC-Style Application Deployment

This article explains the convenience IaC and SAE brings to enterprises.

From Technical Upgrades to Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement

This article is an excerpt from a speech from the 12th event of the Alibaba Cloud User Group (AUG) in Xiamen on September 24, 2022.

The Past and Present of Serverless

This article gives a brief history of cloud computing, from its beginning as a concept to today.

Serverless Devs Enters the CNCF Sandbox and Becomes the First Selected Serverless Tool Project!

This article introduces Serverless Devs and discusses how it became the official sandbox project of CNCF.

An Innovative Paper on Alibaba Cloud Serverless Scheduling from ACM SoCC

This short article discusses a paper on serverless scheduling from the ACM SoCC International Conference.

Full Review on Mainstream Timing Task Solutions

This article introduces and analyzes the current mainstream timing task solutions.

A Detailed Explanation of Asynchronous Tasks | Learn How Serverless Task Solves Problems in Task Scheduling and Observability

This article dives deeper into asynchronous tasks in Function Compute and introduces scheduling solutions for asynchronous tasks and the function supported by the system in terms of observability.

Embracing Openness: The Next Step of the Serverless Era

This article discusses the current standing in the Serverless era and how the Serverless era will progress in the coming years.

How Does the Asynchronous Task Processing System Solve the Problems of Time Consuming and High Concurrency?

This article introduces the applicable scenarios and benefits of the asynchronous task processing system and discusses the architecture, functions, an...

The Details of Asynchronous Tasks: Function Compute Task Triggered Deduplication

This article describes the technical details of task triggered deduplication of Function Compute Serverless Task to support scenarios that have strict requirements for task execution accuracy.

Function Compute HTTP Triggers Support Async to Free Manual Operations of Building Web Services

This article discusses Function Compute HTTP triggers and issues with long execution and traffic.

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Shared information in article is very useful and helps to know about machine learning (ML) pipeline of deep learning infrastructure operations (MLOps).

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Thanks for such informative parts.

Raja_KT Commented on Launching a Word-to-PDF Cloud Service on Function Compute

Nice sharing . There is also...."https://www.alibabacloud.com/blog/building-a-serverless-pdf-text-recognition-using-function-compute-with-node-js-in-10-minutes_594429?spm=a2c5q.11423531.0.0.613933d94AWWLy""Building a Serverless PDF Text Recognition Using Function Compute with Node.js in 10 Minutes"