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PolarDB for PostgreSQL | Retrieval and Matching-Degree Sorting by Tags on Blogs and Websites

This article focuses on how to use databases effectively, rather than how to manage database operations or develop database kernels.

Three Key Details and Principles of PostgreSQL Online Backup & Recovery

This article discusses the process of online backup restoration and addresses three key questions regarding the recovery of database consistency.

PolarDB for PostgreSQL | Database Performance Optimization for High-Concurrency Queue Processing

This article describes the database optimization strategies and presents a demo illustrating how to boost database performance for queue processing tasks.

Implementing PostgreSQL Hook: Stats on Tables with Full Scans & Corresponding SQLs

This article provides a guide to implementing a PostgreSQL hook for tracking and gathering detailed statistics on tables undergoing full scans and their corresponding SQL statements.

Optimization on Memory Usage During Rust Cargo Code Compiling

This article provides a comprehensive guide on managing out-of-memory issues when compiling large projects with Rust's Cargo.

Open Source PolarDB Uses Orafce to Support Oracle Compatibility

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses orafce to support Oracle compatibility.

Open Source PolarDB Uses pg_similarity to Implement 17 Types of Text Similarity Search

This article explains how the open-source version of PolarDB utilizes pg_similarity to implement 17 types of text similarity search.

Open Source PolarDB Uses pg_rational Extension to Support Stern-Brocot Trees

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses pg_rational extension to support Stern-Brocot trees to efficiently customize and adjust the order.

Open Source PolarDB Uses Rum to Implement Efficient Searches and Sorting

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses rum to implement efficient searches and sorting.

Open Source PolarDB Uses postgresql_hll to Accelerate UV Sliding Analysis and Real-time Recommendations

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses postgresql_hll to to achieve efficient UV (Unique Visitor) sliding analysis and real-time recommendation for filtered read lists.

Open Source PolarDB Uses parray_gin to Implement Efficient Fuzzy Searches for Elements in Arrays and JSON

This article focuses on how the open-source version of PolarDB utilizes parray_gin to implement efficient fuzzy searches for elements in arrays and JSON.

Open Source PolarDB Uses duckdb_fdw to Support Parquet and Efficient OLAP

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses duckdb_fdw to support parquet, a columnar storage file format, and efficient OLAP.

Open Source PolarDB Uses pg_trgm GIN Indexes to Implement Efficient Fuzzy Queries

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses pg_trgm GIN indexes to implement efficient fuzzy queries like '%xxx%'.

Open Source PolarDB Enhances Time Series Data with TimescaleDB

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses TimescaleDB to implement high-speed writing, compression, real-time aggregation computing, and automatic aging of time series data.

Open Source PolarDB Uses pgpool-II to Implement Transparent Read/Write Splitting

This article describes how open source PolarDB uses pgpool-II to implement transparent read/write splitting.

Use Open Source PolarDB and imgsmlr for Efficient Image Storage and Similarity Search

This article provides guidance on using open-source PolarDB and imgsmlr for storing image feature values and performing quick image similarity searches.

Use Open Source PolarDB Bloom Filter Index to Filter Data

This article describes how to use PolarDB open-source bloom filter index to filter data based on any combination of fields.

Database Performance Optimization for High-concurrency Queue Processing Business

This article provides optimization methods and a demo for database performance optimization for queue processing business.

Use PGXN to Install the PostgreSQL | PolarDB Plug-in

This article describes how to use PostgreSQL Extension Network (PGXN) to Install the PostgreSQL | PolarDB Plug-in.

The Simple Deployment of PolarDB on Docker

This article introduces how to perform one-click deployment of PolarDB.

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