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How Can We Combine PostgreSQL and MySQL to Make the Whole Greater than the Sum of the Parts? (Part 2)

In this blog series, we'll show you how to combine both ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL and MySQL to enhance business value.

How Can We Combine PostgreSQL and MySQL to Make the Whole Greater than the Sum of the Parts? (Part 1)

In this blog series, we'll show you how to combine both ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL and MySQL to enhance business value.

Use Case Analysis - Real-time Precision Marketing and Group Selection

This article discusses various pain points and technical solutions for precision marketing and group selection across multiple industries.

Use Case Analysis - Image Recognition and Similar Feature Retrieval with PostgreSQL

This article discusses the challenges in image recognition and demonstrates how ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL solves these challenges.

Real-Time Conversion in Data Loading - Triggers and Rules

This article explains how PostgreSQL supports triggers and rules to effectively convert string data into the types supported by PostgreSQL in real-time.

How to Optimize Duplicate Data Cleansing in PostgreSQL

This article evaluates different duplicate data cleansing techniques while considering several technical database issues in PostgreSQL.

How to Retrieve and Deduplicate Similar Text in PostgreSQL

This article attempts to answer a series of questions raised in the Alibaba Cloud Community's Q&A section regarding the retrieval and deduplication of similar text in PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL Data Deduplication Methods

This article describes the different PostgreSQL methods to remove duplicates and suggests how to choose the method that works best for users.

PostgreSQL Data Rotate Method Introduction: Overwrite History Data by Time

This article explains the method to rotate data using partition tables in polling mode while using truncate to clear partitions.

How Does PostgreSQL Implement Batch Update, Deletion, and Insertion?

This article addresses all the frequently asked questions pertaining to batch update, insertion, and deletion in PostgreSQL.

How Does PostgreSQL Implement Upsert to Automatically Separate New Data from Old Data

This article explains the method that PostgreSQL uses to implement upsert for automatically separating new data from old data.

Data Sampling in PostgreSQL

This article gives a quick walkthrough on how to perform data sampling in PostgreSQL using a comprehensive example.

Use of the PostgreSQL Upsert (INSERT ON CONFLICT DO) Function

This article introduces a new function of PostgreSQL 9.5 called Upsert (INSERT ON CONFLICT DO).

Automatic Cleaning and Scheduling of PostgreSQL Rotate Tables - Constraints and Triggers

This article demonstrates how to use constraints and triggers for automatic cleaning and scheduling of PostgreSQL tables.

Compatibility between PostgreSQL and Oracle - Data Sampling and Desensitization

This article explores the compatibility between PostgreSQL and Oracle regarding the common test functions- data sampling and data desensitization.

Three Things to Looking Forward to from PostgreSQL in 2020

In this post, Digoal presents his predictions for what we'll see for PostgreSQL in 2020.

Store Operations Optimization: Search Acceleration over PostgreSQL Arrays, JSON and Internal Tag Data

This post describes performance optimization methods to improve store operations by accelerating equivalent and range searches over PostgreSQL Arrays, JSON and Internal Tag Data.

PostgreSQL Similarity Search: Millisecond-level Similarity Search for Addresses, QA, POIs, and Other Text

This post outlines the design and performance of PostgreSQL Similarity Search and describes similarity searches for random texts and arrays to see how PostgreSQL standalone performs.

PostgreSQL Application in Image Search and Video and Image Deduplication

This post describes how PostgreSQL Image Search Plug-in helps to accelerate image-based searches and also highlights how PostgreSQL helps to screen out duplicate videos.

Keyword Analysis with PostgreSQL: Cosine and Linear Correlation Algorithms for Text Analysis

This article describes the application of PostgreSQL along with algorithms to extract keywords from a document for text (keyword) analysis.

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5295094317782498 Commented on PostgreSQL Time-Series Best Practices: Stock Exchange System Database

Thanks for the great article!What postgres configuration was used and on what hardware did it run?

5244987673819126 Commented on Using the Built-In and Custom Ranking Algorithms of PostgreSQL for Full-Text Searches

Hello, I am trying to solve the issue when I need more weight levels than just 4 and I found your article. Unfortunately I am not that experienced in the SQL, could you please explain a little bit more the first method with ts_vector? I mean I do not understand how to put everything together. Let's say I have tsquery which I want to rank. I call the cat_ranking(tsquery), where did you get the 'contains_element' please?

5868769402049331 Commented on Optimizations with Full-Text Search in PostgreSQL

Talking about PostgreSQL performance issues, I would like to add one more possible solution for locating bottlenecks and tunning the performance of slow queries - the visual PostgreSQL query analyzer can help you in solving all the mentioned issues https://www.devart.com/dbforge/postgresql/studio/

Raja_KT Commented on Optimizing Time Series Querying on Alibaba Cloud RDS for PostgreSQL

Good one. But this is specific to these specific scenarios. Will it be the same for RDS MySQL, MSSQL.....?