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PostGIS: How to Calculate Distance between Coordinates in Spherical and Projected Systems

In this article, the author discusses calculating distances in projected and spherical coordinate systems in respect of geometry and geographic data using PostGIS functions.

PostgreSQL: Importing OpenStreetMap and Road Data

In this short post, the author explores how to import OpenStreetMap data into a PostgreSQL database.

PostgreSQL: How to Optimize Spatial Index-based Query Performance for Multipolygon Data

In this article, the author discusses optimizing spatial index-based query performance for multipolygon data in PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL: Processing 3D Data with PostGIS and SFCGAL

In this article, the author discusses how to process 3D spatial data in PostgreSQL using PostGIS and SFCGAL.

PostgreSQL: How to Determine the Positions of Overlapping Points and Planes in PostGIS

In this article, the author discusses overlapping points and planes and determining their actual positions from a visual perspective in PostGIS.

PostgreSQL: ST_Value Function Usage Examples to Optimize Raster Data in a Database

In this article, we'll discuss optimizing raster data in PostgreSQL databases using the ST_Value function and describe various optimization methods.

PostgreSQL Opens the Door to Space and Time

This article discusses spatiotemporal data and its wide usage in multiple domains, such as indoor positioning, pilotless driving, and scientific research.

PostgreSQL 3D City Applications

In this article, the author explains various features in PostgreSQL that help implement 3D city applications.

PostgreSQL Real-time Position Tracking + Trace Analysis System Practices: Processing 100 Billion Traces/Day with a Single Server

In this article, the author discusses PostgreSQL-based real-time position tracking and trace analysis in respect of express delivery companies.

PostgreSQL-enabled Electronic Fences: Application Scenarios and Performance

In this article, the author discusses electronic fence technology based on PostgreSQL and describes its applications in various common business scenarios.

PostgreSQL Best Practices: Overcoming Ride-Hailing Conflicts Arising in a Trip Dispatch System

In this article, the author discusses optimizing the PostgreSQL database to overcome ride-hailing conflicts in crowded areas during peak hours.

Use Geometry Split to Optimize PostgreSQL Performance in GiST Index-based Polygon Search

In this article, the author discusses geometry split in PostgreSQL and describes how to use it to optimize performance in GiST index-based polygon search with example code.

Optimize Spatial Searches in PostgreSQL Using ST_Contains and ST_Within

This article discusses optimizing spatial search performance in PostgreSQL using ST_Contains and ST_Within to address the I/O amplification problem and CPU usage.

Spatial Search: Geometry and GiST Combination Outperforms Geohash and B-tree

In this article, we explore spatial search performance and describe when to use Geohash, geometry, and geography data types along with indexes such as GiST and B-tree.

Use BRIN to Discover Target Customers from Massive E-Commerce Advertising Data in Milliseconds

This article discusses discovering target customers using BRIN from massive e-commerce advertising data using PostgreSQL and AnalyticDB.

Importing Data from Google Earth to PostgreSQL

This article discusses how to utilize PostgreSQL to import crucial data and geometry segments from Google Earth and convert KML files into ESRI format files.

Comparison Between PostgreSQL 10 and Greenplum in Spatiotemporal Object Selection and Data Pivoting

In this article, the author discusses spatiotemporal object selection and data pivoting and extensively compares PostgreSQL 10 and Greenplum in this respect with example code.

PostgreSQL: Real-time User Positioning and Selection Based on Massive Amounts of Data

In this article, the author discusses real-time user positioning and selection using PostgreSQL. The author also discusses various design methods and optimization for performance improvements.

Database Design and Implementation of a Ride Hailing Dispatch System

This article discusses the database design of an order dispatch system for ride hailing apps by using DiDi as an example.

PostgreSQL Best Practices: Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts for Senior Citizen Healthcare

This article discusses managing healthcare for elderly people using big data and talks about optimization methods for real-time monitoring and alerts.

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5295094317782498 Commented on PostgreSQL Time-Series Best Practices: Stock Exchange System Database

Thanks for the great article!What postgres configuration was used and on what hardware did it run?

5244987673819126 Commented on Using the Built-In and Custom Ranking Algorithms of PostgreSQL for Full-Text Searches

Hello, I am trying to solve the issue when I need more weight levels than just 4 and I found your article. Unfortunately I am not that experienced in the SQL, could you please explain a little bit more the first method with ts_vector? I mean I do not understand how to put everything together. Let's say I have tsquery which I want to rank. I call the cat_ranking(tsquery), where did you get the 'contains_element' please?

5868769402049331 Commented on Optimizations with Full-Text Search in PostgreSQL

Talking about PostgreSQL performance issues, I would like to add one more possible solution for locating bottlenecks and tunning the performance of slow queries - the visual PostgreSQL query analyzer can help you in solving all the mentioned issues https://www.devart.com/dbforge/postgresql/studio/

Raja_KT Commented on Optimizing Time Series Querying on Alibaba Cloud RDS for PostgreSQL

Good one. But this is specific to these specific scenarios. Will it be the same for RDS MySQL, MSSQL.....?