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DevOps coach with Cloud skills, technical, and soft skills. My blog: http://www.devopstestlab.com Author of the Alibaba Cloud Guide book (https://www.amazon.fr/Alibaba-Cloud-Guide-English-Bruno-ebook/dp/B09FJ2G64G)

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Bruno Delb Posted blog

The 7 layers of the Metaverse

In this article, I introduce the 7-layer model proposed by Jon Radoff describe the value chain of the Metaverse market.

Bruno Delb Posted blog

The DevOps Canvas to collect and organize project information

In this article, I introduce the DevOps Canvas, a canvas I created based on my experiences as a DevOps coach.

Bruno Delb Posted blog

What is a blockchain?

In this article, I explain what is a blockchain, where it does come from, its advantages and its disadvantages.

Bruno Delb Posted blog

Test the system security as you Test as Code the application security

In this article, I show how you can use the "X as Code" approach to test the system security as you do it to test the application security.

Bruno Delb Posted blog

Managing Docker with an UI with Portainer

When you run many Docker images on hosts, the management of these containers can become difficult because you use command lines.

Bruno Delb Posted blog

Using Aliyun-CLI with Docker Very Easily

This article shows a way to use very easily a Docker image to run aliyun-cli commands on Alibaba Cloud.

Bruno Delb Posted blog

Monolithic, SOA, Microservices, Serverless and API REST

In the article, I talk about monolithic, SOA, microservices, and serverless approaches. I focus on microservices with the best practices on using HTTP codes in the API REST.

Bruno Delb Posted blog

Set up a Private Docker Registry With a UI on Alibaba Cloud

In this article, I will show how to set up a private Docker Registry service with a user interface.

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