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RDS Audit Compliance Monitoring Using SLS

In this article, the author explains how to collect and monitor RDS SQL audit logs using SLS in Alibaba Cloud.

Enable Versioning to Protect Valuable Data in Alibaba Cloud OSS

This article explains the benefits of the versioning feature of Alibaba Cloud OSS.

Upgraded Alibaba Cloud Storage Products and Capabilities Help Lay a Strong Foundation for New Infrastructure

This article gives an overview of the new products and upgrades from a launch event in June 2020.

Open, Universal, and High-Performance: Time-series Data Storage for Log Service Empowers Comprehensive Enterprise-level Monitoring Solutions

In this blog, we introduce the concept of time-series data and discuss how we can apply it across various scenarios with Alibaba Cloud Log Service (SLS).

How Can We Ensure the Consistency of NFS File Locks?

This article focuses on how NFS ensures consistency by analyzing how to obtain consistent state views of NFS file locks.

Alibaba Cloud NAS: The One Container Solution for Cloud-Native Technology

This blog talks about the challenges posed by cloud native to storage technology, and discusses how Alibaba Cloud NAS can help overcome them.

Define Next-Generation Storage for All-New Data Infrastructure

This blog introduces Alibaba Cloud's next-generation storage products that can help you build better solutions for your business.

Alibaba Cloud Announces New SLA for OSS, up to 99.995% for Cross-zone Redundancy

On April 30, Alibaba Cloud officially released a new SLA for OSS, increasing the promised single-zone availability to 99.

How Log Service Has Evolved into a Data Pipeline Over the Past 5 Years

This article looks at the development of Alibaba Cloud Log Service as a data pipeline over the past five years.

How Do Alibaba Engineers Recover Data That's Lost

This article explores how Continuous Data Protection (CDP) can mitigate the risk of data loss and provide an efficient data recovery mechanism.

How We Developed DingTalk: Implementing the Message System Architecture

This article describes how you can implement a simple instant messaging (IM) system based on Alibba Cloud Tablestore.

How to Design a Storage Layer for Structured Data Storage Requirements

This article discusses what are some structured data storage requirements and presents the design used by Alibaba Cloud Tablestore to meet these requirements.

A Big Data-Based Public Opinion Analysis System: Architecture Anatomy

This article, as part one of a two part series, describes the architecture behind mainstream big data models and looks at the architecture behind the public opinion analysis system.

How to Implement Data Replication Using Tunnel Service for Data in Tablestore

This tutorial provides an outline of how you can use the Tunnel Service to implement simple and effective data replication in Alibaba Cloud Tablestore.

Alibaba Cloud Tablestore: A Case Study on Backing up a Massive Volume of Structured Data

his article describes the backup and restoration principles involved with Tunnel Service and provides a step-by-step guide to making a data backup and restoration solution.

Feed Stream System Design: General Principles

This article describes the general framework behind a feed stream system and how its architecture is designed.

How to Migrate from ELK to Log Service

In this article, we will show you how you can migrate data stored in Elasticsearch to Log Service by using a one-line command.

3 Ways to Migrate Java Logs to the Cloud: Log4J, LogBack, and Producer Lib

This article introduces three powerful tools for migrating Java logs to the cloud: Log4J, LogBack, and Producer Lib.

JProfiler Best Practices: Powerful Performance Diagnostic Tool

This article describes some common Java performance diagnostic tools and highlights the basic principles and best practices of JProfiler.

OpenTracing Implementation of Jaeger

In this article, we will discuss how the implement of Jaeger on Alibaba Cloud with the open source Jaeger on Log Service.

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Dikky Ryan Pratama Commented on Key Concepts and Features of Time Series Databases

Your article provided a fresh perspective on the topic, and I found it to be both informative and engaging.

5739815230754941 Commented on Feed Stream System Design: General Principles

anyone knows a good activity streaming framework other than stream-framework (or paid version GetStream.io)?

5574758653032419 Commented on A Comprehensive Analysis of Open-Source Time Series Databases (4)

I'd recommend taking a look at VictoriaMetrics storage. The following links may be quite helpful:- source code - https://github.com/VictoriaMetrics/VictoriaMetrics- https://medium.com/@valyala/how-victoriametrics-makes-instant-snapshots-for-multi-terabyte-time-series-data-e1f3fb0e0282- https://medium.com/@valyala/victoriametrics-achieving-better-compression-for-time-series-data-than-gorilla-317bc1f95932- https://medium.com/@valyala/wal-usage-looks-broken-in-modern-time-series-databases-b62a627ab704- https://medium.com/@valyala/mmap-in-go-considered-harmful-d92a25cb161d

Raja_KT Commented on Perform Serverless Query and Export Visualized BI Reports on Alibaba Cloud

Interesting you shared sample data besides telling the beauty of serverless DLA on OSS... QuickBI. Connecting to DataV too?