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Best Practices of OpenKruise

This is a comprehensive series on OpenKruise best practices. Learn more about OpenKruise: https://openkruise.io/

Cloud-Native Devops Best Practices(1): Continuous Integration (CI) + OpenKruise Image Pre-download

This article introduces the combination of OpenKruise's image pre-download capability with CI Pipeline to reduce pressure on image repositories in large-scale deployments.

Cloud-Native Devops Best Practices(2): GitOps + OpenKruise CloneSet

This article introduces the integration of OpenKruise with popular PaaS solutions to provide enhanced capabilities in Kubernetes environments.

Best Practice for Managing Log Collection Sidecar Containers

This article introduces best practices for managing log collection sidecar containers in Kubernetes, specifically focusing on the use of Kruise SidecarSet for effective management.

CloneSet lifecycle - Insert Customized Logic Into Pod Lifecycle

This article introduces the CloneSet lifecycle feature, which allows users to insert customized logic into the pod lifecycle in Kubernetes.

BroadcastJob and Advanced CronJob Help You Maintain Kubernetes Nodes

This article will demonstrate how to use Advanced CronJob and BroadcastJob to periodically clean up useless images stored in Kubernetes nodes.

Extreme Elastic Schedule Solution Based on HPA and WorkloadSpread

This article takes a simple web application as an example to help users build an automatic elastic scheduling solution, combining with WorkloadSpread, KEDA, Prometheus and Alibaba Cloud ECI.

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