Cloud-Native Database 2.0: All-in-One Comprehensive Data Management and Services

This is a transcript by Li Feifei, VP of Alibaba Group and Head of Alibaba Cloud's Database BU, on open-source and cloud-native distributed databases.

ApsaraDB July 23, 2021

Battle-Tested Ways to Respond to a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attacks have taken businesses by storm. Make sure you have an incident response plan that involves timely detection, backups, well-thought-out system recovery techniques, etc.

Balaban July 23, 2021

Friday Q&A - Week 18 - Security with Resource Access Management (RAM)

This week, we look at securing our RAM users with custom policy. Let's dive in!

JDP July 23, 2021

Digitalization Boosts Rural Revitalization: The Outlook on the Trend of the Digital Eco-Innovation in Counties

This article highlights the "Outlook on the Trend of the Digital Eco-Innovation in Counties" report.

Alibaba Clouder July 23, 2021

抵禦 DDoS 混合攻擊手段,從雲上到雲下守護企業資訊安全

本文濃縮網路研討會重點,探討現今 DDoS 攻防情勢,以及阿里雲 DDoS 服務如何保障客戶地端機房與多雲環境安全。

Alibaba Cloud TC Content July 22, 2021

Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Knative

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud Knative and its benefits.

Alibaba Container Service July 22, 2021

Gray Verification of Traffic Based on Header in Knative

This article describes the way to perform gray verification in Knative.

Alibaba Container Service July 22, 2021

Modify Timezone through Alibaba Cloud RDS for PostgreSQL

This short article explains how to modify Timezone through Alibaba Cloud RDS for PostgreSQL.

digoal July 22, 2021

Technical Interpretation of Gartner APM Magic Quadrant: On-Demand Storage

This article describes how to record the most valuable links and their associated data on-demand at the lowest cost.

Aliware July 22, 2021

Parameter Priority in PostgreSQL

This short article explains configurable portals and parameter priority in PostgreSQL.

digoal July 21, 2021

Solution for the PostgreSQL Roaringbitmap UID Overflows Beyond Int4 (32 Bytes) – Offset

This short article explains formulas for the bitmap extension package of PostgreSQL.

digoal July 21, 2021

How Can Container Startup Be Accelerated in the Event of Burst Traffic?

This article explains end-to-end latency during function cold start for Custom Container Runtime provided by Alibaba Cloud.

Aliware July 21, 2021

Alibaba Cloud Sets the Standard for Open Application Architecture in Cloud Computing

This article highlights some of Alibaba Cloud's latest awards and innovations in cloud computing.

Aliware July 21, 2021

How ADB for PG Provide Data Analysis for Lake-Warehouse Integration

This article describes how to use ApsaraDB for PostgreSQL to achieve data lake analysis based on the foreign table object type of PostgreSQL.

ApsaraDB July 20, 2021

Making SQL Optimizer More Accurate: AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL Auto Analyze Feature

This blog introduces the AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL Auto Analyze Feature and discusses how it helps users collect more accurate statistical information.

ApsaraDB July 20, 2021

Cloud-Native Provides More Possibilities for Developers

This article highlights a speech from the Alibaba Cloud developer conference that explains how cloud-native makes life convenient for developers.

Alibaba Developer July 20, 2021

Container Technology: Container Image

This article focuses on container images and shares the related knowledge, ideas, and practices in this industry.

Alibaba Developer July 20, 2021

Application of Delta Lake in Soul

This article explains the background of Delta Lake along with practices, problems, and solutions.

Alibaba EMR July 19, 2021

Alibaba Cloud JindoFS Handles Stress Testing Easily with More Than One Billion Files

This article reviews JindoFS stress testing, featuring multiple scenarios and graphs.

Alibaba EMR July 19, 2021

Knative: Serverless Practices in AI Event-Driven Scenarios

This article describes how to use Knative to implement practices with event-driven framework for users in different scenarios.

Alibaba Container Service July 19, 2021
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