Blogs of the Week – Ep. 8

Each week, we compile the hottest and most impactful topics. Let’s take a look at the eighth episode of Blogs of the Week.

Alibaba Cloud Community May 20, 2022

SNAT vs. DNAT and Some Tips for the ACP/ACE Cloud Computing Exam

This article explains how to make ECS connect to the Internet with SNAT/DNAT.

vincentsiu May 20, 2022

The Principles of EMR StarRocks' Blazing-Fast Data Lake Analytics

This article focuses on the technology, performance, and future planning of StarRocks' blazing-fast data lake analytics.

Alibaba EMR May 20, 2022

FAQ: Alibaba Cloud API Gateway - Friday Blog, Week 61

In today's post, we look at some API Gateway questions that come up frequently during Alibaba Cloud training sessions.

JDP May 20, 2022

Work @ Alibaba – Alibaba Cloud Training Instructor Jeremy Pedersen

In this video, we are honored to have Jeremy Pedersen, Cloud Training Instructor at Alibaba Cloud, to share his five-year experience at the company.

Alibaba Cloud Community May 19, 2022

Plugsched: Live Update Linux Kernel Scheduler

This article gives an overview of OpenAnolis Plugsched and its benefits.

OpenAnolis May 19, 2022

Cloud-Native Operation and Maintenance Technology: Enhance Application Security in ASM with the “Zero-Trust Concept” and OPA

This article explains the zero-trust concept and how to use it to enhance application security in ASM.

Alibaba Cloud Community May 19, 2022

Cloud-Native Operation and Maintenance Technology: DevOps

This article discusses DevOps and how it enhances the efficiency of developers.

Alibaba Cloud Community May 19, 2022

Why Should There Be Distributed Systems? - Part 1 of About Distributed Systems

This is the first part of a carefully conceived series of 20-30 articles on distributed systems, I hope to take the journey with you to understand the ins and outs of the distributed systems.

Alibaba Cloud_Academy May 18, 2022

Flink CDC Series – Part 2: Flink MongoDB CDC Production Practices in XTransfer

Part 2 of this 5-part series explains how to realize Flink MongoDB CDC Connector through MongoDB Change Streams features based on Flink CDC.

Apache Flink Community China May 18, 2022

Flink CDC Series – Part 1: How Flink CDC Simplifies Real-Time Data Ingestion

Part 1 of this 5-part series explains how to use Flink CDC to simplify the entry of real-time data into the database.

Apache Flink Community China May 18, 2022

Details of the Architecture of MySQL 8.0 Server Layer

This article analyzes and summarizes the source code of MySQL 8.0.25.

ApsaraDB May 18, 2022

Privatized Business Delivery Practice Based on Sealer from Government Procurement Cloud

This article discusses the Sealer open-source project, its implementation, and its future outlook.

Alibaba Cloud Native Community May 18, 2022

How to Accelerate Growth of Your Gaming Business with the Cloud

This blog showcases the experiences of gaming business that have used Alibaba Cloud to scale, innovate and succeed.

Iain Ferguson May 18, 2022

Back up from Alibaba Cloud OSS to Your Synology NAS Internally

This article explains how to back up OSS to Synology NAS step-by-step.

vincentsiu May 17, 2022

An Implementation Practice of Kubernetes Ingress Gateway – Concept, Deployment, and Optimization

This article discusses the aims of MSE Cloud-Native Gateway and the implementation of Kubernetes Ingress Gateway.

Alibaba Cloud Native Community May 17, 2022

Alibaba Cloud Launches Third Datacentre in Germany

Global cloud leader opens new sustainable data centre to meet growing demands for digital transformation.

Alibaba Cloud Community May 17, 2022

Alibaba Cloud – Your Gateway to Global Innovation

In this e-magazine, we will feature experts from various industries to bring forth their insights around going global with Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud Community May 16, 2022

The Spark and Delta Lake Engine Enterprise Edition of Databricks Helps Efficiently Access Lake Houses

This article describes how to optimize the performance of the product features provided by the Enterprise Edition to help you efficiently access lake houses.

Alibaba EMR May 16, 2022

Query Transformation of MySQL 8.0 Optimizer

This article introduces the complex transformation process of subqueries, partitioned tables, and JOIN operations.

ApsaraDB May 16, 2022
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