Image Processing Service Tutorial using Unique Alibaba Function Compute Features

This article showcases how you can utilize multiple unique features of the Alibaba Cloud Function Compute to build an image processing web service.

Ryan Zhang September 18, 2018

Processing Open Source Data Stored on OSS with MaxCompute

This article describes how to store open source data in popular formats on OSS and use an unstructured framework to process the data on MaxCompute.

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute September 18, 2018

Performance Breakthrough - Reconstruction of IoT System Based on Kafka + OTS + MaxCompute

SUYUN Technology has made a performance breakthrough after the reconstructing their Internet of Things (IoT) system based on Kafka + OTS + MaxCompute.

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute September 18, 2018

N Methods for Migrating Data to MaxCompute

In this article, Bin Fu, data technical expert at Alibaba Cloud, introduced an internal combat demo system used for processing big data, including both offline and real-time data.

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute September 18, 2018

Live Stream Schedule - The Computing Conference 2018

The Computing Conference 2018, Alibaba's annual flagship event, will showcase an array of cutting-edge technology from the company and its partners from September 19th to 22nd in Hangzhou, China.

Alibaba Clouder September 17, 2018

Moving IDCs to the Cloud with BGP Primary and Backup Links

Chen Cheng, Product Manager for Cloud Enterprise Network, explains how to move customers' IDCs to the cloud and implement a solution that features the...

AlibabaCloud_Network September 14, 2018

Best Practices of ECS Container Network Multi-NIC Solution

This article will introduce the basics of container networks based on Alibaba Cloud's Elastic Network Interface (ENI) technology.

AlibabaCloud_Network September 14, 2018

August Announcement of Alibaba Cloud Community Builder Program

We are pleased to announce the results for the August edition of the Alibaba Cloud Community Builder program.

Alibaba Clouder September 14, 2018

Install RStudio Shiny Server on Centos 7

In this article, we will be installing Shiny Server and the R package on an Alibaba Cloud ECS CentOS 7.

Sajid Qureshi September 13, 2018

Alibaba Cloud EHPC Empowers New Manufacturing – SAIC Simulation Computing Cloud (SSCC)

SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Corporation and Alibaba Cloud has built China's first production-ready hybrid cloud for CAE simulation computing.

Alibaba Cloud ECS September 13, 2018

How to Install BookStack on CentOS 7

In this article, we will be installing BookStack Documentation Wiki on an Alibaba Cloud ECS CentOS 7.

Sajid Qureshi September 13, 2018

Link Vision Opens a New IoT Smart Video Service

In this article, Shaobin discusses how Alibaba Cloud helped Link Vision launch the Internet of Things (IoT) smart video service by addressing the issues of traditional video surveillance solutions.

Alibaba Clouder September 13, 2018

High-Accuracy Population-based Image Search

In this article, Liu Lei talks about the applications of Image Search for e-commerce, developed by Alibaba's Machine Intelligence Technology Laboratory.

Alibaba Clouder September 13, 2018

What's New in MaxCompute 2.0?

In this article, Yun Lang, Senior Product Expert at Alibaba Cloud talks about MaxCompute 2.0's new features and its performance in the TPCx-BB benchmark test.

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute September 12, 2018

Data Conversion Practices of MaxCompute Data Warehouse

In this article, Bin Fu, data technical expert at Alibaba Cloud, talks about the MaxCompute data architecture as well as data conversion practices of .

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute September 12, 2018

Optimizing Alimama's Digital Marketing Solution with MaxCompute's Advanced Features

In this article, Liang Shimu, large-scale data processing expert at Alimama, will share typical application scenarios and advanced features of MaxCompute in Alimama's digital marketing solution.

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute September 12, 2018

JStorm-based Network Analysis Platform

This article introduces some practices in network analysis by Alibaba Cloud's network team, including how to build the entire platform based on real-time computing and several key scenarios.

AlibabaCloud_Network September 11, 2018

Zero-Copy Optimization for Alibaba Cloud Smart NIC Solution

This article introduces the motivation, functional framework, and soft forwarding program of Smart NIC developed by Alibaba Cloud, as well as problems...

AlibabaCloud_Network September 11, 2018

Network Service Optimization with the VPP Platform

This article introduces the technical background and for using VPP as the foundation of Smart Access Gateway for Alibaba Cloud network products.

AlibabaCloud_Network September 11, 2018

High-Performance DPDK-based Server Load Balancing for Alibaba Singles' Day Shopping Festival

In this article, we look at high-performance server load balancing implementation methods to supports Alibaba Group's annual Double 11 (Singles' Day) Shopping Festival.

AlibabaCloud_Network September 11, 2018
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