Practice of Flink 2.0 State Storage-computing Separation

This article provides an overview of the research on the transformation practice of Flink 2.0 state storage-computing separation.

Analysis and Application of New Features of Flink ML

This article covers an overview of Flink ML and discusses the design and application of online learning, online inference, and feature engineering algorithms.

The Next Generation of Apache Flink

This article is based on a keynote speech given by SONG Xintong during Flink Forward Asia 2023. SONG leads a team that mainly works on Apache Flink's ...

Alibaba Cloud Open Data Platform and Service | Realtime Compute for Apache Flink

In this episode, we will introduce Alibaba Cloud's Realtime Compute for Apache Flink

Interpretation of Gemini: an Enterprise-level State Storage Engine of Alibaba Cloud Realtime Compute for Apache Flink

This article gives a deep interpretation on Gemini, an enterprise-level state storage engine of Alibaba Cloud Realtime Compute for Apache Flink.

Building a Streaming Lakehouse: Performance Comparison Between Paimon and Hudi

This article compares the performance of Paimon and Hudi on Alibaba Cloud EMR and explores their respective roles in building quasi-real-time data warehouses.

Writing Flink SQL for Weakly Structured Logs: Leveraging SLS SPL

This article describes how to use SLS SPL (Structured Programming Language) to configure the SLS Connector to structure data.

How to Use Confluent with FlinkSQL

This article describes step-by-step instructions on how to use Confluent with FlinkSQL.

Observability | Key Metrics to Focus On When Using Prometheus to Monitor E-MapReduce

This article explains how to monitor big data in EMR using Prometheus Service.

AnalyticDB for MySQL: Implementing High Throughput, Exactly-Once Data Ingestion with Flink

This article introduces how the data source SLS achieves high-speed and precise consistency in data ingestion through APS, and the related challenges and solutions.

Announcement of the Release of Apache Flink 1.18

The Apache Flink PMC is pleased to announce the release of Apache Flink 1.18.0. As usual, we are looking at a packed release with a wide variety of improvements and new features.

Learning about Distributed Systems - Part 27: From Batch Processing to Stream Computing

Part 27 of this series discusses distributed systems in terms of throughput and latency.

All You Need to Know About PyFlink

This article discusses the structure of a PyFlink job, operational mechanisms, performance optimization strategies, and future projections for PyFlink.

Data into the Lake Based on Flink High-Throughput Exactly-Once Consistency

This article describes the challenges and solutions of SLS using APS to quickly enter the lake with Exactly-Once consistency.

Performance Analysis and Tuning Guides for Hybrid Shuffle Mode

This article introduces how to optimize the performance of Hybrid Shuffle Mode with performance analysis and tuning guides.

How to Write Simple and Efficient Flink SQL

This article is compiled from Xiaolin He’s presentation at the 2022 Flink Forward Asia (FFA) Conference, discussing Flink SQL insight, best practices, and future works.

The Thinking and Design of a Quasi-Real-Time Data Warehouse with Stream and Batch Integration

This article explores the practice of stream-batch integrated Flink SQL based on data lakes and explores the expression consistency, result consistenc...

Everything You Need to Know about PyFlink

This article introduces PyFlink from three key aspects: basic knowledge, internals/architecture, and performance tuning tips.

Generic Log-based Incremental Checkpoint - Performance Evaluation & Analytics

This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of GIC's advantages and disadvantages by conducting thorough experiments and analysis.

Announcement of the Release of Apache Flink 1.17

Apache Flink, a leading stream processing standard, has released version 1.17.0, which includes new features and improvements.