API Gateway

Introduction to the MQTT Protocol and Alibaba Cloud's IoT Platform

In this article, we will discuss about the MQTT protocol and show you how to establish MQTT connections to the Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform.

Securing API Gateway using Auth0

In this article I will show you how you can secure Alibaba Cloud API Gateway using Auth0, one of the more popular authentication providers.

Building Highly Scalable Marketing Campaigns with Alibaba Cloud

This blog goes over why Alibaba Cloud is a big player in the cloud space, and why you should choose Alibaba Cloud to build highly scalable marketing campaigns.

Connecting Raspberry Pi to the Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform Using Python

In this article, MVP Liu Hongfeng shares his experience of using the Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform to connect a Raspberry Pi device to the cloud.

Process Collections Easily with Stream in Java 8

This blog article shows you how to use Stream API from Java 8 for processing data in a declarative manner.

Sentinel and Spring Cloud: Building a Better Microservice Ecosystem

Sentinel has joined he Spring Cloud Circuit Breaker club by contributing the spring-cloud-circuitbreaker-sentinel module into Spring Cloud Circuit Breaker.

API Design Best Practices by Alibaba Researcher Gu Pu

This article defines what a "good API" is, and mainly describes general API design, particularly remote call APIs (RPC APIs or HTTP/RESTful APIs).

Using API Gateway with Alibaba Cloud's Function Compute

In this tutorial, we will use Alibaba Cloud's Function Compute product to create a function that returns a result to the API Gateway service.

Deploy Microservices with Function Compute: Visitor Card of Cloud Customer Service

This article shows you how you can deploy microservices on Alibaba Cloud with Function Compute by using Cloud Customer Service as an example.

Connecting .NET Gadgeteer to the Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform Using C#

In this article, we'll show you how to connect .NET Gadgeteer to the Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform Using C#

Accessing External APIs over CEN

In this article, we will configure a Reverse Proxy to Access External APIs from China over Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN).

Developing Apps on Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform with Raspberry Pi and Node.js

This article briefly introduces the development and realization of cloud-to-end IoT programs through Node.js.

Build a GraphQL API on Function Compute and API Gateway

This article shows you how you can easily integrate GraphQL with Alibaba Cloud Function Compute and API Gateway.