What is Batch Processing ?

Batch processing is a method of handling data where transactions are collected over a period and processed together as a group, or batch.

The Mechanism behind Measuring Cache Access Latency

This article describes how to measure the access latency at different levels of memory hierarchy and introduces the mechanism behind it.

Cloud Forward Episode 2: Cloud-Native Database - PolarDB | Global Database Network

Cross-Region R/W Latency between applications and databases is crucial especially when you are running a global business.

Speed, reliability and a global presence: how to choose the right CDN

A fully featured, multinational CDN can minimize latency and disruption to content delivery

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Low-Latency Distributed Messaging with RocketMQ – Part 1

In this article, we discuss about the technology and evolution of RocketMQ, reducing latency, the advantages and disadvantages of using page cache, as...

Low-Latency Distributed Messaging with RocketMQ – Part 2

The guarantee of low latency optimization may not necessarily result in a latency-free situation for a messaging engine.

Demystifying Cloud Latency

In the days before the ubiquitous Internet, understanding latency was relatively straightforward. You simply counted the number of router hops between