How to Integrate UX Into Your DevOps Culture

In this article, we will discuss how you can integrate your UX team into your agile DevOps culture and ensure that UX keeps pace with development.

Mist Now Supports Alibaba Cloud

Mist.io is now a Technology Partner of Alibaba Cloud, allowing users to manage their ECS together with other public or private infrastructure easily.

How Does Alibaba Implement CI/CD Based on Kubernetes

This article introduces some tools and steps for Alibaba to build a CI/CD pipeline.

How to Install Chef Server Workstation on ECS

In this tutorial, we will be setting up a Chef Server Workstation on an Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) with Ubuntu 16.04 installed.

Deploy Spring Boot or Spring Cloud Applications to Alibaba Cloud in Eclipse

This article will show you how to deploy a Spring Boot or Spring Cloud application to Alibaba Cloud in Eclipse.

Alibaba Cloud RPA: About RPA (Part 1)

This article describes the basic concept of robotic process automation (RPA), its business value, and its advantages and disadvantages.

Alibaba Cloud RPA: How to Use Attended Robots (8)

This article describes how to use attended robots to run an RPA application that obtains product information on Taobao.

Alibaba Cloud RPA: Compiling an RPA Application in Visual Mode (7)

This article describes how to compile an RPA application to obtain products from Taobao in visual development mode and execute processes automatically.

Alibaba Cloud RPA: Installing and Activating the Client (6)

This article describes how to install and activate the Alibaba Cloud robotic process automation (RPA) client.

Alibaba Cloud RPA: How to Sort Service Processes (5)

This article describes how to sort business processes to identify key points before developing Alibaba Cloud robotic process automation (RPA) applications.

Alibaba Cloud RPA: About Alibaba Cloud RPA (3)

This article describes the background, technical and functional features, non-functional indicators, and development of Alibaba Cloud robotic process automation (RPA).

Alibaba Cloud RPA: About RPA (Part 2)

This article describes the development and main scenarios of robotic process automation (RPA), mainstream RPA vendors in and outside China, and the prospects of RPA.

Alibaba Cloud RPA: Product Architecture (4)

This article describes the product architecture and technical architecture of Alibaba Cloud RPA (including the client and server) in detail.

Alibaba Cloud Toolkit Command Writing Guide

This article provides the best practice for writing commands when you are using the Alibaba Cloud Toolkit plug-in to deploy applications.

Deploying Applications to EDAS with Cloud Toolkit Maven Plug-in

This article shows you how to use the Cloud Toolkit Maven plug-in to deploy applications to Alibaba Cloud EDAS.

Hybrid CI/CD - Hosting Dockerized Jenkins Slaves On Alibaba Cloud

This article shares how to implement a distributed and dockerized Jenkins Slave Pool on Alibaba Cloud which enables dynamic and parallel CI/CD pipeline provisioning.

Data Collection Bot with Python and Selenium

In this tutorial, we will make our very own data collection bot with Python and Selenium on Alibaba Cloud ECS.

Try Habitat with Container Service

In this article, we'll set up Habitat on Container Service, and then deploy and manage a basic web application that includes a load balancer.

Try Chef Automate on Elastic Compute Service

In this article, we'll show you how to set up and get started with Chef Automate in minutes on your ECS Ubuntu machine.

Best Practices for Writing Chef Cookbooks

In this article, we'll talk about how to write good quality Chef cookbooks and keep your cookbooks up to date with several examples.