Higress's New WASM Runtime Greatly Improves Performance

This article introduces the latest progress of Higress in switching the runtime of Wasm plug-in from V8 to WAMR.

Exploring How Elastic Scheduling and Virtual Nodes Meet Instant Compute Demands

This article describes how to combine elastic scheduling with ECIs to quickly respond to instantaneous computing power requirements.

Kube Queue: A Powerful Tool for Kubernetes Task Queuing

This article discusses the importance and necessity of the task queue system, and details how Kube Queue defines its role and contribution in the current Kubernetes ecosystem.

Alibaba Cloud and SCCC Establish Saudi Training Center to Empower Youth in Cloud Computing

During LEAP 2024, SCCC announced its goal is to empower over 3,000 youths to succeed in the field of cloud computing through Alibaba Cloud technology and courses.

Driving Business Agility and Efficient Cloud Resource Management through Elastic Scheduling

This article presents two scenarios to illustrate how the elastic scheduling feature helps enterprises optimize resource allocation, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

Alibaba Cloud Cloud-native Elasticity Solution: Use Elasticity to Improve the Utilization of Cluster Resources

This article discusses how to achieve cost optimization and solve the challenge of low cluster resource utilization through elasticity.

Building a Next-generation Intelligent Observability System Based on eBPF

This article introduces three major observability challenges in the Kubernetes environment, and explained the solution of data collection in the Kubernetes environment.

When OpenTelemetry Meets Alibaba Cloud Prometheus

This article focuses on the construction of system observability, specifically the metric monitoring system.

Major Upgrades of Go Microservice Framework: A Preview of Apache Dubbo-go 3.2.0-alpha

This article is a preview of the Apache Dubbo-go 3.2.0-alpha version.

Koordinator: Supporting Hybrid Deployment of Kubernetes and YARN

This article introduces Koordinator’s support for Hybrid Development of Kubernetes and YARN and Xiaohongshu’s Practical Experience Sharing of the Hybrid Development.

Manage End-to-end Traffic Based on Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh (ASM): Traffic Lanes in Loose Mode

This article describes how to use traffic lanes in loose mode to implement end-to-end traffic management in ASM.

Manage End-to-end Traffic Based on Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh (ASM): Traffic Lanes in Strict Mode

The article outlines the challenges and limitations of using ASM for end-to-end traffic management, and provides a detailed demonstration of traffic lanes in strict mode.

A Reinterpretation of RocketMQ Commit Log Storage Protocol

This article describes the author's unedrstanding on RocketMQ Commit Log Storage Protocol.

How to Configure TLS-encrypted Transmission in RocketMQ 5.0?

This tutorial describes how to configure TLS-encrypted transmission in RocketMQ 5.0.

RocketMQ 5.0 VS 4.9.X: Comparison of Architecture Diagram

This article introduces the comparison of the architecture diagrams between RocketMQ version 5.0 and version 4.9.X.

CloudFlow: Streamlined Development Makes It Easier to Build Applications on the Cloud

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud CloudFlow, which is a powerful and fully-managed process orchestration and development tool designed for developers.

Extreme Elastic Schedule Solution Based on HPA and WorkloadSpread

This article takes a simple web application as an example to help users build an automatic elastic scheduling solution, combining with WorkloadSpread, KEDA, Prometheus and Alibaba Cloud ECI.

BroadcastJob and Advanced CronJob Help You Maintain Kubernetes Nodes

This article will demonstrate how to use Advanced CronJob and BroadcastJob to periodically clean up useless images stored in Kubernetes nodes.

CloneSet lifecycle - Insert Customized Logic Into Pod Lifecycle

This article introduces the CloneSet lifecycle feature, which allows users to insert customized logic into the pod lifecycle in Kubernetes.

Best Practice for Managing Log Collection Sidecar Containers

This article introduces best practices for managing log collection sidecar containers in Kubernetes, specifically focusing on the use of Kruise SidecarSet for effective management.