AliORC: A Combination of MaxCompute and Apache ORC

In this blog, Senior Technical Expert Wu Gang discusses the differences between open-source storage formats ORC and Parquet, and the reason why MaxCompute chose ORC.

Tận dụng Thế Mạnh của Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes Tại Thị Trường Việt Nam

Trong bài viết này, chúng tôi đã khám phá cách Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes (ACK) đang thay đổi bộ mặt công nghệ tại Việt Nam, cung cấp một giải pháp mạn.

ML PAI : DataWorks and Designer

DataWorks is the best platform for building big data warehouses, and provides features include Data Integration, DataStudio, Data Map, Data Quality, and DataService Studio.

How to Load OSS gz Data into MaxCompute with DataWorks Scheduled Job

This article describes how to load OSS gz data into MaxCompute with DataWorks scheduled job.

How to Run Spark in MaxCompute

This article describes how to configure Spark 2.x dependencies and provides some examples.

How to Run Python in DataWorks and MaxCompute

This article describes how to run Python in DataWorks and MaxCompute.

Use Dataworks with Python3 to Import Data from MaxCompute to Neo4j

This article describes how to use Dataworks with Python3 to import data from MaxCompute to Neo4j

Cloud Fighters Meet up: Big Data on Alibaba Cloud

Nowadays, data can be valuable to many different businesses. Any business may utilize data for analyzing real facts and gain insights based on data they have collected or acquired.

Unleashing Creativity Exploring the Power of Generative AI on Cloud

Earlier this month, Alibaba Cloud Indonesia launched a new community group for partners, Alibaba Cloud Indonesia Digital Tech Ecosystem community, whe...

Data Integration using Alibaba Cloud DataWorks

Data Integration uses data studio in Data works environment. Data processing uses Hive SQL to parse through the massive amount of data available and Q.

DataWorks: The Concurrent Execution Solution to For-Each Node

This article explains how to exceed the maximum limit of 128 executions and achieve concurrent execution with the for-each node provided by DataWorks.

Alibaba Cloud Open Data Platform and Service | DataWorks

In this episode, we will introduce Alibaba Cloud's Visualized One-Stop Big Data Development and Governance Platform, DataWorks.

The Intelligent Evolution of the Data Middle Platform – 12 Years of Development from Alibaba's Data Platform

This article explains the developmental stages of Alibaba’s data middle platform.

AIRec Deployment on Alibaba Cloud: Step-by-Step Instructions and Troubleshooting

For those who want to build a recommendation engine on cloud, there are 2 approaches. The first is to build it on our data platform built on top of Da...

Alibaba Cloud Cloud-Native Integrated Data Warehouse: An Interpretation of Data Security Capabilities

This article discusses MaxCompute's architecture, ecosystem, subproducts, and security capabilities.

ProjectName Automatically Completed under ODPS SQL Development and Production Environment of DataWorks

This article discusses a specific scenario where you can use the DataWorks process parameters feature without frequently modifying the project name.

Big Data Q&A - Friday Blog, Week 65

Friday Q&A is back! Let's take a look at some of the many very interesting questions I was asked during Alibaba Cloud training sessions this week!

An Introduction to DataWorks O&M Center and Mobile Edition

Part 3 of this 10-part series introduces and explains DataWorks O&M Center.

An Introduction and Best Practice of DataWorks Data Quality

Part 8 of this 10-part series introduces DataWorks Data Quality and its best practices.

DataStudio: The Core Tool for Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiency

Part 10 of this 10-part series introduces DataStudio and its benefits.