Message Service

How Can Your Business Reach Customers Worldwide Quickly and Reliably with An SMS Campaign?

With short messages established as a powerful way for businesses to connect to customers, a cloud-based solution can ensure rapid delivery to targeted user groups worldwide.

Using Message Service to Schedule Jobs in Batch Compute

In this article, we will use a queue based model of Alibaba Cloud's Message Service to receive message and automatically submit jobs in Batch Compute.

Decoupling Application Components Using Alibaba Cloud Message Notification Service

In this tutorial, we will investigate how you can achieve more resilience by decoupling using the queues and topics of Alibaba Cloud's Message Notification Service.

Alibaba Cloud Message Queue vs. Message Service

Message Queue vs. Message Service, which is better? This article provides a brief comparison of the two products and recommendations based on your specific needs.

Improving Reliability with Alibaba Cloud Message Service

This article explains how Alibaba Cloud's Message Service can help you build a more reliable application by addressing potential issues on a microservices architecture.