Data Processing

Basic Machine Learning: How to Recognize a Cat

This article explains the main steps for training a machine and obtaining a model, provides some simple practices, and shares a basic principle of machine learning.

Progress in Dialog Management Model Research

This article provides a summary of the progress made in dialog management model research over the years.

Setting up Spark on MaxCompute

This post provides a walkthrough on how to set up Spark on MaxCompute on Alibaba Cloud.

Analyzing Hot and Cold Tables with MaxCompute

This article shows how you can analyze hot and cold tables by using MaxCompute metadata.

An Enterprise-level Data Empowerment System That Features a Closed Loop, Accumulation, and Sustainability

Learn about the development of an enterprise-level data empowerment system as well as the Umeng Databank.

Apache Flink Fundamentals: Basic Concepts

This article covers the basics of Apache Flink, co-written by Apache Flink PMC member, Gordon Tai, and Alibaba's senior product manager, Chen Shouyuan.

Bitmap-Based Data Processing in MaxCompute

This article has a code example that shows how you can encode and compute bitmaps of active user IDs form different dates using the MapReduce module of MaxCompute.

Rewriting the Execution Plan in the EMR Spark Relational Cache

This article goes through the process of rewriting execution plans in the Spark Relational Cache on EMR.

Why Did Alibaba Choose Apache Flink Anyway?

This blog article, based on a speech at the Yunqi Conference, discusses the development process of Flink and why Alibaba chose Flink from the service perspective.

Creating an API for Edge Computing on Alibaba Cloud

Edge computing is an approach to data processing in the cloud that improve communication between mobile applications and cloud nodes.

Speed Matters: How To Process Big Data Securely For Real-time Applications

Big Data processing has stepped up to provide organizations with new tools and technologies to improve business efficiency and competitive advantage.