Backend Development

Implementation Principles and Best Practices of Distributed Lock

This article explains the principles and best practices for distributed locks.

Java's Missing Feature: Operator Overloading

This article explains the operator overloading, why we need it, and how to implement it in Java.

Java's Missing Feature: Extension Method

This article explains the extension method, why we need it, and how to implement it in Java.

Flink State - Backend Improvements and Evolution in 2021

This article discusses updates and future outlooks from the Flink Forward Asia 2021 Core Technology Session.

Processing a Cartoon Style Avatar Applet Based on Serverless Architecture

This article explains the code behind a cartoon applet built with Serverless architecture.

12 Backend Development Tools by Alibaba

This article introduces several popular and open source developer tools by Alibaba Group and Alibaba Cloud.

How to Install Parse Server on Ubuntu 16.04

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install Parse Server on an Alibaba Cloud ECS with Ubuntu 16.04.

Building Very Fast App Backends with Falcon Web Framework on PyPy

In this article, we will be developing and deploying a REST API in Python using Falcon web framework on PyPy.

Running an ASP.NET Core Web Application on Alibaba Cloud Elastic Computing Service (ECS)

This tutorial provides detailed step-by-step instructions for a first time Alibaba Cloud user to create a Linux ECS instance and host an ASP.

Invoice Application Front-end Using ElectronJS

Redis—a high-performance key value database— has become an essential element in Big Data applications.

Invoice Application Backend Using ApsaraDB for MongoDB

In this tutorial, we will be using Alibaba Cloud’s ApsaraDB for MongoDB to save our data onto the cloud.