web security

The Global HTTPS Era is Coming, are You Keeping Up

The "S" behind the "HTTP" stands for "More secure and more trusted". HTTPS reduces security risks that HTTP being a plain text protocol cannot combat.

SSH Keys: Secure Web & Mobile Apps for Industry-Leading Entreprises

Alibaba offers industry-leading solutions that enterprises need such as security service, to provide a solid base for their websites and mobile Apps to directly serve their customers.

Defense against Common Web Attacks

Common web attacks include script and SQL injections, DDoS attacks, DNS hijacking, CSRF attacks, etc.

Protecting Websites through Semantics-Based Malware Detection

Malware detection is a fundamental feature of web security for most websites. Alibaba Cloud has released a web application firewall (WAF) equipped with a semantically intelligent detection engine.

CSRF Vulnerability in Redis

CSRF/XSRF is Cross-site request forgery, is a form of malicious website use. We will introduce the concept of CSRF vulnerability and the best practices to keep Redis instances secure.