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PolarDB for PostgreSQL | Retrieval and Matching-Degree Sorting by Tags on Blogs and Websites

This article focuses on how to use databases effectively, rather than how to manage database operations or develop database kernels.

Elasticsearch Tutorial: Search Basics You Need to Know

This tutorial guides you through the process of implementing full-text search, with Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch as our hosting environment.

Top 30 Essential Knowledge Points You Need to Know About Elasticsearch

This guide will explore and elucidate 30 essential Elasticsearch features, providing insights into each one's applications and significance.

Full-text Search Index Optimization - Alibaba Cloud RDS for PostgreSQL

With built-in GIN indexes, PostgreSQL supports full-text search and searching multi-value data types including arrays.

Support for Encryption, Full-text Search, and Fuzzy Query of Multi-language Strings

This post describes how to perform fuzzy queries or full-text searches on data before it is encrypted and ensure that your database supports encrypted storage.

Efficiently Implementing Full-table and Full-field Fuzzy Search in Milliseconds with PostgreSQL

This article describes how to perform fuzzy searches for all the fields in a table using pg_trgm. It illustrates the implementation of a full-table and full-field fuzzy search with an example.

Using the Built-In and Custom Ranking Algorithms of PostgreSQL for Full-Text Searches

In this article, we will explore how you can refine ranking algorithms for PostgreSQL through using tsvector or a multi-dimensional array.

The RUM index and Full-Text Search Using PostgreSQL

The recent update of PostgreSQL 9.6 has made many enhancements in full-text search and has also brought us RUM plug-in support.

Using PostgreSQL to Create an Efficient Search Engine

This article goes over how you can use PostgreSQL to create an efficient search engine for full-text searches and other query types including fuzzy and similarity queries.

Term Frequency Statistics in PostgreSQL Full-Text Searches

This article discusses how you can use PostgreSQL along with ts_stat or MADlib for term frequency and Inverse document frequency analysis.

Similarity Analysis for PostgreSQL Text Databases

In this article, we will quickly go over some of the more common scenarios in which you can use PostgreSQL in the hope to inspire you to do more with PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL Row-Level Full-Text Search

This article looks at row-level full-text searches in PostgreSQL and walks through how you can create one yourself.

Optimizations with Full-Text Search in PostgreSQL

This article shows how PostgreSQL, equipped with both GIN indexes and the cost-based optimizer (CBO), can automatically choose the most optimal query method.

Location Matching Filtering Syntax for PostgreSQL Full-Text Searches

In this article, we look at the location matching filtering syntax of PostgreSQL full-text searches and how you can use this syntax for textual analysis.