Hybrid Backup Recovery

What Is Alibaba Cloud Cloud Backup?

This article describes the details of Cloud Backup, which is a backup service of Alibaba Cloud.

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This article discusses the options available to safeguard your self-managed Microsoft SQL Server database running on Alibaba Cloud using different backup and restore approaches.

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This short article discusses the benefits of Alibaba Cloud HBR.

手把手教學混合雲備份 Hybrid Backup Recovery, HBR

阿里雲繁體中文教學系列,本文為 混合雲備份 Hybrid Backup Recovery 設定教學。

How to Configure Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery to Backup Objects from OSS Buckets

This article explains how to configure Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) to backup objects from OSS buckets.

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This article explains how to configure Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) to backup ECS SQL Server databases.

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This article explains how to back up and recover your data securely and efficiently with Alibaba Cloud.

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Define Next-Generation Storage for All-New Data Infrastructure

This blog introduces Alibaba Cloud's next-generation storage products that can help you build better solutions for your business.

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This article explains how to migrate an on-premises VMware VM to an ECS instance.

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This blog discusses the differences between backup and snapshots, and shows you how you can back up one or more files or folders by using Hybrid Backup Recovery.

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This article discusses data backup and disaster recovery with an emphasis on data security and highlights the strengths of Alibaba Cloud disaster recovery solution.

Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery: Asia's First SAP-Certified Cloud Backup Product

With HBR, you can integrate your SAP HANA database on Alibaba Cloud with cloud native backup systems for unified backup and management.

How to Use Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service with QNAP

Backing up data on Alibaba Cloud OSS with Hybrid Backup Sync from QNAP can help you secure your data on-premises, as well in offsite locations.

Minimizing Business Downtime with Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Disaster Recovery Solution

At The Computing Conference 2018, Alibaba Cloud demonstrated how businesses can reduce downtime using the Hybrid Disaster Recovery solution.

Protect Data Effectively with Hybrid Backup Recovery for vSphere

Alibaba Cloud launched the Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) service for vSphere to protect vSphere virtual machines even when the bandwidth is low.