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As the Business Head (APAC Region) Product & Strategy at Click2Cloud, I’m leading the global business relationship with Microsoft, Alibaba, SoftBank, Huawei, Ant Financial, AWS, T-Systems, Microsoft China, Telefonica and RedHat.

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Build a Dedicated Global Network with Alibaba Cloud's Global Network Solution

This article describes about the Global Network Solution by Alibaba Cloud to build a dedicated global network around the globe.

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Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

This article will give readers a complete understanding of Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

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Cloud Migration Solutions from Alibaba Cloud ISV

This article is all about Alibaba Cloud Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Solutions for Cloud Migration.

Rupal_Click2Cloud Posted blog

All About Simple Application Server

This article gives a short description of Alibaba Cloud Simple Application Server

Rupal_Click2Cloud Posted blog

Alibaba Cloud Global Application Acceleration Solution

This blog gives you a complete understanding on Alibaba Cloud's Global Application Acceleration solution

Rupal_Click2Cloud Posted blog

Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes and Container Registry

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes and Container Registry.

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Cloud-based Point-of-Sale (POS) by Alibaba Cloud for Digital Stores

This article gives a complete understanding of digital store transactions with the help of Cloud POS

Rupal_Click2Cloud Posted blog

Alibaba Cloud ECS - A Smart VM for Faster Cloud Computing

This article explains Elastic Compute Service (ECS), its features, classification, and lifecycle.

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Assess and Rehost an Application and Database from Virtualization Platform to Alibaba Cloud through CloudsBrain

We'll discuss the business advantages of migrating to Alibaba Cloud, and explain why you should use Click2Cloud CloudsBrain platform to ensure a seamless migration experience.

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Embrace Alibaba Cloud ECS Instance: A Smart VM for Faster Cloud Computing

This blog is a complete guide about what an ECS instance is, its features, classifications, and lifecycle.

Rupal_Click2Cloud Posted blog

Elastic Compute Service for Scalable Business Solutions by Alibaba Cloud

This blog is a complete guide about what ECS is, its features, and its components.

Rupal_Click2Cloud Posted blog

Seamless Business Growth with Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud

This blog transfer users a complete knowledge about Alibaba hybrid cloud uses, business growth and experience of customers with the help of hybrid cloud.

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Integration of Alibaba Cloud as a Backend in OpenSDS and Object Storage for Multi-Cloud

This blog embellishes the integration of Alibaba cloud as a back end in OpenSDS for multi-cloud.

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Network Functions Virtualization/Virtual Private Cloud: Way to Modernize Network

This blog will define the network functions through virtualization and its architectural functionality.

Rupal_Click2Cloud Posted blog

Migrating Workloads from Azure to Alibaba

In this blog, we'll show you how you can quickly migrate your workload from a third-party vendor to Alibaba Cloud with Click2Cloud's Migration Tool.

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AWS to Alibaba Cloud: Migration for Multi Cloud Scenarios

In this article, we are going to explore at how you can migrate AWS to Alibaba Cloud instances with easy and hassle-free steps.

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