Service Mesh

North-South Traffic Management of Istio Gateways (with Answers from Service Mesh Experts)

This article introduces Istio's routing control capabilities in managing north-south traffic, and introduces the concept of Istio gateway and its working principle.

Apache RocketMQ Update Launches in the Service Mesh Community

This article chronicles the Apache RocketMQ's service mesh journey and outlines how it became the second Chinese middleware released in the official Service Mesh community.

How Does Alibaba Cloud Build High-Performance Cloud-Native Pod Networks in Production Environments?

This article recaps the livestream of the second SIG Cloud-Provider-Alibaba seminar, provides download links, and answers questions asked during the livestream.

ASM Capabilities 4 - Implement Distributed Tracing in ASM

This article discusses how to implement distributed tracing in Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh (ASM).

ASM Capabilities 3 - Use Open Policy Agent(OPA) in ASM

This article describes how to use Open Policy Agent (OPA) to define fine-grained access control in Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh (ASM) using sample code.

ASM Extended Capabilities 2 - Customize External Authorization in ASM

This article discusses how to customize external authorization in ASM and demonstrates the customization with the help of sample code.

Use EnvoyFilter to Add HTTP Request Headers in ASM

This article demonstrates how to use EnvoyFilter for adding HTTP request headers in Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh (ASM) to ensure application security.

Implementation of Service Mesh in DataWorks Microservice Clusters

Yuan Gengtuo, a technical expert, explains what DataWorks is, its benefits, architecture, and how it can be used effectively.

Define Routing Rules for Applications in ASM

This article describes how to define two types of Istio resources, namely virtual services and Istio gateways.

Deploy Applications to Clusters in the Data Plane of an ASM Instance

This article describes how to deploy a sample application to a cluster on the data plane of an ASM instance.

Add an Ingress Gateway to an ACK Cluster

This article describes how to add an ingress gateway to an ACK cluster in an Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh (ASM) instance.

Add an ACK Cluster to an ASM Instance

This article describes how to add a Kubernetes (ACK) cluster to the data plane of a Service Mesh (ASM) instance before using the applications deployed in ASM.

How to Quickly Create an ASM Instance

This article describes how to deploy the Bookinfo example listed on the Istio community website to help beginners quickly learn about the concepts and capabilities of the service mesh technology.

What Is Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh (ASM)?

This is the first article in the ASM Public Preview Series and gives an overview of Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh (ASM), its architecture, and features.

Learn How an Open-Source Microservice Component Has Supported Double 11 for the Past 10 Years

Learn how an open-source microservice component, named Sentinel, has supported Double 11 for the last 10 years at Alibaba.

How Cloud-Native Is Reshaping Enterprise IT Architectures

This article looks at how enterprise IT architectures have evolved over time, especially now as the cloud-native application architecture is on the rise.

7 Major Trends for Cloud Native in 2020: Service Mesh

In the second article of this series, we will review and analyze the state of cloud native for the coming decade from the perspective of service mesh.

Getting Started with Service Mesh

This post is a quick and easy guide to everything there is to know about Service Mesh.

Code It Once, Run It Everywhere: Next-Generation in Cloud-Terminal Integration

Read how you can achieve the next-generation of cloud-terminal integration at your company with the "Code it once, run it everywhere" method.

How Alibaba Overcame Challenges to Build a Service Mesh Solution for Double 11

This article discusses some of the challenges Alibaba faced and had to overcome in implementing its own service mesh solution for the big annual Double 11 shopping event.