Web Application

Deploy a Llama Model as a Web Application in EAS

This article describes how to deploy a Llama 2 model or a fine-tuned model as a ChatLLM-WebUI application, start the web UI, and perform model inference by using API operations.

Alibaba Cloud Launches Sustainability Web Application and Virtual Sign Language Interpreter for The Hangzhou Asian Games

The AI-powered tools aim to make the first Asian Games on the cloud more sustainable and inclusive

Six Application Scenarios of Serverless Architecture

This article briefly explains the importance of Serverless architecture and discusses six application scenarios with examples.

What Is SquirrelMail?

This article provides an overview of SquirrelMail, a web-based email application that allows users to access and manage their emails through a web interface.

Devwork: A Platform for Developers, Workers, and Individuals

This project is from team Devwork, which was awarded with the Innovation Award in the PolarDB Global Hackathon 2023.

What is Web Hosting and How to Choose a Server

This article explains web hosting and how to choose a server based on your business requirements for hosting a web application on Alibaba Cloud.

Running a Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) Web Server on Alibaba Cloud

This article explains how to set up a Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) web server on Alibaba Cloud.

Easy Deployment with Simple Application Server

This article explains the simplicity of the Simple Application Server and how it can be a solutionn for anyone from beginners to established developers.

Deploy Django Application on Alibaba Cloud

This post explains how you can launch and deploy a Django application on Alibaba Cloud.