Best Practices of Taobao Mobile for IETF QUIC in Short Video Scenarios

This short article discusses how the cooperation between the XQUIC protocol library and CDN QUIC accelerators can offer users a smoother network transmission experience.

Systematic Solution for Android Native Memory Leak

This article describes how AMAP's technical team has developed a unique solution to address memory leak challenges in order to ensure the quality of their android app.

AMAP Front-end Technology Development Over the Last Five Years

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Remote Configuration for Android using Alibaba Cloud Table Store

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A Quick Look into Flutter for Web

In this blog, I'll take you on a quick tour of Flutter for Web, discuss its features and our tests, and give our recommendation on whether you should use Flutter for Web.

Alibaba Open-Source and Lightweight Deep Learning Inference Engine - Mobile Neural Network (MNN)

Alibaba has made its lightweight mobile-side deep learning inference engine, Mobile Neural Network (MNN), open source to benefit more app and IoT developers.

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Integrating Android Things with Alibaba Cloud IoT

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Android Development Security - Provider Component Security

The Content Provider component is one of the key Android app components. It manages data access and is mainly used to implement data sharing between apps.