How Do You Use Deep Learning to Identify UI Components?

This blog discusses the usage of deep learning for recognizing UI components and introduces a correct method of using machine learning to solve various problems.

Friday Blog - Week 13 - Bird or Plane? Classifying Images With TensorFlow

Learn how to train TensorFlow models in PAI-DSW, then deploy AI APIs using PAI-EAS.

JindoFS Cache-based Acceleration for Machine Learning Training in a Data Lake

The article explains how JindoFS cache-based acceleration service improves machine learning training speed in a data lake.

Effectively Overcome Python's Shortcomings with Go+

In this post, Wang Yi of Ant Group shares the reasons why he follows Go+ and explores how it can help overcome shortcomings in Python.

The Burgeoning Kubernetes Scheduling System – Part 3: Binpack Scheduling That Supports Batch Jobs

This article introduces how to use the native scheduling policy of Kubernetes to enable Binpack Scheduling.

Image Classification with TensorFlow

This article introduces a method of image recognition using deep learning that can be applied to image filtering, and object detection.

TensorFlow.js Helps Recognize Large Quantities of Icons in Milliseconds!

This article discusses how to implement Deep Learning, Sample Generation, Model Training, Model Compression, and Conversion with TensorFlow.

Building a High-Level Frontend Machine Learning Framework Based on the tfjs-node

This article describes how Pipcook is integrated with TensorFlow and how the underlying models of tfjs-node are used to build a machine learning pipeline.

How TensorFlow on Flink Works: Flink Advanced Tutorials

This article explains how to use a single engine to implement the entire machine learning process through TensorFlow on Flink.

How to Develop Function Compute - TensorFlow Serving

This tutorial is a part of the 'How to Develop Function Compute' series. It uses an example to demonstrate how to use Fun and NAS for TensorFlow serving.

My Thoughts on Distributed Computing Frameworks

This article provides a fully verified solution (with code) to run LR and GBDT on a LibSVM-formatted dataset efficiently using TensorFlow.

DNN training for LibSVM-formatted data - From Keras to Estimator

This article provides a fully verified solution (with code) to run LR and GBDT on a LibSVM-formatted dataset efficiently using TensorFlow.

Perseus-BERT: Industry-leading BERT Training Solution Optimized for Performance

Perseus is a distributed training framework designed by Alibaba that is optimized for Alibaba Cloud's infrastructure, removing pain points for BERT implementation.

How to Run Google TensorFlow on Alibaba Cloud

This tutorial is describes how to run TensorFlow on Alibaba Cloud using Docker containers for machine learning applications.

How to Implement Neural Networks with TensorFlow

Neural networks and TensorFlow solve many complicated real world problems in a simplified manner. This article explains the same with Python coding, which is very popular because of deep learning.