Alibaba Cloud Records Fastest Growth among Global Top Cloud Providers

Alibaba Cloud records fastest growth among global top cloud providers and continues to lead in the public cloud market, with the fastest growing year-on-year revenue of 52%.

What Is SaaS

SaaS is the abbreviation of Software-as-a-Service, which means provides software services through the network.

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Learn How Function Compute and Shimo Docs Helped 200,000 Enterprises Resume Work Remotely in China

Learn how Alibaba Cloud Function Compute helped Shimo help 200,000 enterprises in China resume work by working remotely.

Yida Plus, Alibaba's Solution for Low-Code Development

At this year's Apsara Conference, Alibaba Cloud launched Yida Plus, a low-code development platform, which helps speed up enterprise-level development workflows.

Alibaba Cloud and MongoDB Launch New Partnership

This partnership allows customers to easily adopt and consume MongoDB-as-a-Service through Alibaba Cloud.

Rapid Application Development with Yida

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In this post, MVP Alberto Roura shares how he developed a SaaS product, Cirrus Audit, using Alibaba Cloud serverless products.