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I am a results-oriented professional with strong problem-solving skills along with a quick, flexible assessment of situations and implementation of decisions with expertise in developing ideas for improving the learning environment and teaching.

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Amuthan Nallathambi Posted blog

An Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Platform for AI (PAI)

This article provides an in-depth introduction to Alibaba Cloud's Platform for AI (PAI), illustrating its role as a comprehensive solution for advancing machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Amuthan Nallathambi Posted blog

Alibaba Cloud in Smart Electrical Energy Meter

This article introduces the capabilities and benefits of Alibaba Cloud in the context of smart electrical energy meters, highlighting its role in promoting energy efficiency and sustainability.

Amuthan Nallathambi Posted blog

Alibaba Cloud in Cybersecurity

This article explores Alibaba Cloud's commitment to cybersecurity, examining its comprehensive suite of security tools, partnerships with industry lea...

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Optimizing and Improving warehouse outbound-picking process by using Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform For A.I. (PAI)

This article describes how Alibaba cloud environments and Artificial Intelligence – machine learning can be utilized in supply chain management (SCM) / Logistics – warehouse management system.


Amuthan Nallathambi Posted blog

Developments in Alibaba's Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Alibaba Cloud is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group and a global cloud computing firm that provides secure, reliable, and high-performing cloud computing services.

Amuthan Nallathambi Posted blog

The Role of Computing on the Alibaba Cloud Platform

This article discusses the importance and role of cloud computing.

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Creating VPC in Alibaba Cloud using Terraform Cloud

In this blog, we are going to learn how to create a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) through Terraform Cloud.

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