Alibaba Deploys Alibaba Open Channel SSD for Next Generation Data Centers

Alibaba is deploying and testing the industry's first productionized open channel SSD in its Hyperscale data centers.

Benchmarking Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) with ab and wrk Tools

This article shows you how you can use ab and wrk to measure and analyze OSS’ performance in a single-server environment, and describes the method to send requests to OSS endpoints.

Alibaba Cloud CDN vs. AWS CDN and Akamai China Coverage

There are different cloud providers that offer CDNs. Among the major providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Akamai, and Alibaba Cloud.

Content Delivery Acceleration and Cost Reduction with P2P CDN (PCDN)

PCDN offers lower cost and higher quality as compared to CDN. In this article, let us explore various use-cases and advantages of PCDN.

How to apply OSS resources to websites

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) can be used for all kinds of static resources. We will discuss how to apply OSS resources to a website and ...

Simulate Post Object Form Upload to OSS in Java

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) stores objects within resources called 'buckets'. Post Object uses an HTML form to upload a file to a specified bucket.

Why SSDs Matter for Application Development

The benefits of SSDs don't end with these use cases. SSDs can also speed the development of applications.

Alibaba Cloud Hosts World's First Internet Livestream in 8K Pixels

Humanity has never stopped pursuing a clearer world on the big screen. Alibaba Cloud became the first technology company and only cloud vendor to broa...

Behind the Scenes with Alibaba Cloud's 8K Live Streaming

8K means much clearer visual experience. The huge pixels make each frame of the 8K video much clearer.

The Computing Conference Shenzhen] Overall Analysis on ESSD Product for Elastic Computing of Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud heterogeneous platform for elastic computing aims to provide high-quality services for organizations to realize scientific and technological innovations.

Alibaba Cloud Launches Dual-mode SSD to Optimize Hyper-scale Infrastructure Performance

Alibaba has announced today the launch of a new system that aims to optimize the storage performance of hyper-scale infrastructure in addressing incre.